Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Hmmm... That's not good.

If there is one particular phrase I have heard over and over since the construction on my new house began six months ago it would be this.

Hmm... That's not good. Or Hmm... That ain't right. Hmm... is the bad news indicator! It's a dead give away to the fact that something has been messed up. Yesterday afternoon Mike went to turn on the bathtub which he thought was working. Only to find NO water coming out. What did I hear? Hmm... I cut him off before he can finish and asked what now? He replies there's no water coming out. But he'll fix it tomorrow. Sure enough this was one of those he could and did fix today.

No pictures but I do have a toilet that flushes. When the water is turned on. It's getting close. Yet, it's still a ways away from moving in.

Wall colors. I picked out what I thought were great colors with the help of more artistic people. We had been working long hours on the house for a couple of weeks. On top of my normal job and school work at night. I was exhausted. We had been sanding sheet rock for two days now it's time to paint. Ceiling paint goes up first. Mike begins to spray. Stops and what do I hear? Yep, Hmm... This time it was followed by "you might want to come look at this." Celing looked similar to post it note yellow. Not the lovely shade of cream I had picked out. No tears, yet. A little investigation shows that they mixed the wrong paint for us. Mike assures me it's no big deal we can go the next morning to get the right color. We went ahead and finisehd spraying out the whole ceiling in the wrong color so it had an even coat on it.

Then it's wall time.

Mike begins to spray and I hear his machine turn off. This time the Hmm... is skipped all together. I simply hear, "Lindsey (followed by silence)." I walk back to my room where he started and literally. Not joking. It looks like someone has melted Hershey chocolate bars and has smeared them on my walls. (Don't forget we have exhaustion, post it note yellow ceilings and now chocolate candy bar walls.) The eyes begin to water up at this point. I said that's not the color I picked out. Optimistic Mike says maybe it will dry lighter. He finishes spraying the whole house and go behind him and roll it. He assures me we can buy new paint if I hate it.

Mike leaves for the day. I cry. Lots.

Call my mom to explain the awful situation. She too assures me to just go buy new paint. Got off the phone with her and went home for the evening. While we were getting dinner plates my friends ask me about the paint. Tears almost came rushing out again. All I could say was the ceiling color is wrong and I hate the walls.

The next day was Thanksgiving and I didn't go back until that night. They weren't that awful anymore. Note to self... Never panic over paint until 24 hours later. They were still a little dark but not too bad. Needed a second coat so I decided to go ONE shade. Barely even notice a difference lighter.

Mike begins to spray. Machine turns off. All I can think is YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME WHAT NOW? This looks like an off white! Mike said what do you want me to do? I said spray the house it's going to be my new favorite color! Ended up not being too bad. I think I liked the darker better but they still look fine.

That's the latest on the house situation. Hope you enjoy the pictures!

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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Slight Train Wreck

Pictured above is an excellent portrayal of what occurred last night due to my error in communication. A sweet lady in my church lost her husband about 3 weeks ago. Last night I decided to go visit with her for a bit. The plan was to go there and visit then head back to the office to work on school. This plan was discussed with my friend P who makes sure I stay safe. I generally always try to let someone know where I am at all times or at least the general plan of what I'll be doing.

Well, the visit turned out a bit longer than anticipated. I got to hear this sweet ladies heart... She spoke of the first time she met her dear husband up until the very last breath he took while laying in their living room. We discussed life and all that it entails. More than anything I got to hear what she calls her "Journey" in life. Which is a phrase I have often used myself for life. It is a continual journey. This particular sweet lady has had several other deaths in her family over the past few months. Under normal circumstances she herself should be a train wreck. While there were tears shed in our chatting last night she never lost the joy in her eyes. Her hope is set on things far above that of this earth. It was refreshing to sit with her.

What I did not know was the train wreck I was causing. I left my cell phone in the car. My friend P who always makes sure I'm safe had no clue if I was safe or not. Typically I get back to there house around 11pm where I am staying until my house is complete. The phone rang at 12:20 at this sweet ladies house and it was the husband of my dear friend. He was home with kiddos while my friend was out looking for me. They had also called another couple to see if they knew where I was. That couple was out searching for me as well. Train wreck!

I got home around 12:40. Went straight to bed still unaware of the complete train wreck. This morning I apologized to my friend for causing her to panic. She had a less than favorable face to make at me and had less than favorable words to share. She was scared to death that I was not safe. I felt awful.

Then my other friends who had been out looking for me as well called to make sure my dear friend did not kill me as she had insisted she was going to do last night when I got home.

I hate that I caused so much chaos but I have thanked God all day for being reminded last night just how much I am loved by people in my life. My safety would have been of no concern if there was no love involved. To my family who wonders if I am being taken care of out in TN. Rest assured I am being watched after.

Moral of the story... Communication is the key.
2nd moral of the story... Age does not remove curfews! :)
3rd moral of the story... Next time I go visit the sweet lady from church
just take pajamas and spend the night!

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Happy Anniversary Brother & Sis in law

Six years ago to this day my big brother had a pretty exciting day. This is the day Sara Blanscet agreed to hang out with him for the rest of his life. They got married down in Aggieland at All Faith's Chapel on campus. It was of course a fun filled day. I have five major memories from that day.

5. Trying to find an easel to put a ginormo picture of them at the sign in table for the reception.

4. Helping soon to be sister in law get the dress to the Chapel in my mom's suburban.

3. Soon to be sister in law having a stomach situation (she knows what I'm talkin' about)

2. Waking up the next morning in our single wide trailer where my sister in law and I were living that semester not being able to walk through the house from all their wedding junk! They trashed the house with their stuff then left town! Punks!!

1. The best moment I remember though was when my brother saw Sara beginning to walk down the aisle. The look on his face is one I will never forget. It was a look that I only hope my groom will have for me one day. It was a look of awe that the woman walking down that aisle was soon to be his wife. Beau is not a natural smile for a picture kind of guy but I remember that day I didn't have to poke him at all to get a good picture. He had joy on his face that day. Then the moment Sara started walking towards him that joy became amazing to watch. I am thankful I got to take part in that special day 6 years ago.

Love you both dearly!

Happy Anniversary

Saturday, November 7, 2009

True Story

I'm sure to someone somewhere in this world a raccoon is just so cute and cuddly. They look similar to a cat with the hair and long tail. However, when I think of raccoon I picture more of what is found in the next picture!

Let me share a brief story why...
No really, it has to be brief because I have school to be working.
Friday afternoon we had a group check into camp. We fixed them dinner but most of their group showed up around 8pm and not 5:30 as they had planned. Supper was a little late. I got back to the office about 9 and worked on a few things. About 10-11 I worked on school work. Then at 11 one of my summer missionaries from last year called. We chatted close to an hour.

So, it's 12 o'clock. I'm a little tired since I've been at work since 9am. I go out to my car. Something seems to be moving in my back seat perhaps a gust of wind has blown through (not sure how b/c the windows were up). As I am opening the door I look back into the back seat to see a shadow movie. Then the shadow is JUMPING TOWARDS ME! I am almost certain it looked just like the picture above! (Okay maybe that's a little dramatic). I jump out of the way as what appears to be a raccoon comes jumping out of my own car at me! Paralyzed I just stood there. Too shocked to scream or cry. My heart was going 90 to nothing. I had almost been mauled by a coon.

Moral of the story...

Always close the sunroof on your car...

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Recent drive

Since my nephew was little I have called him Booger Butt. Sometimes it comes out as Booger Roo. I use to love saying that to him on the phone when he was with my mom. I could hear him put the phone down and laughingly say, "Nana, she called me booger butt." He and Nana would laugh about it and then he could carry on the conversation with me. Now, he knows exactly who he's talking to when I say, "Hey Booger butt whatcha doin'?" Yes, perhaps it's not the prettiest name but it makes him giggle. Which makes me smile.

On the drive home from church this past Wednesday I was on the phone with Ty. The conversation started as all do with him by calling him Booger Butt. I was riding with my dear friend and her 4 kiddos. They are great. However, using the word butt is not appropriate for their ears. As a whole I do try to stick with that but I didn't think much about it because it's what I always call my nephew. When I got off the phone they began to ask why I called him that so I explained it to them. Then one of their kiddos begins to tell me about a floor matt they saw in a magazine the other day. She thought I would have liked it. Her mom, my dear friend rolled her eyes because she knew what matt she was talking about. I asked what it said... Then I almost fell out of my seat in the car from laughter. Below you will find what the matt said. Now that's just funny to me!

A couple of pics

Just thought I'd throw in a couple of pictures from this week.

No, I do not know how to sew on my own. With the help of my dear friend though it goes alright when I sit down at a sewing machine. My dear friend decided that she'd like to try quilting. Then she ran across an organization collecting quilts to give to homeless children. For those who are like me and are quilting ignorant here's a brief explanation. Each of the four matching squares is a block. We asked ladies in our church to help make the blocks. Then once we received those my dear friend penned them together while I sewed them together. Next step is to actually turn it into a quilt. I will be there for moral support and a fountain Pepsi to offer my utmost support but that part will be done by the one who actually knows how to sew!

I've sewed a few times only at the table with my dear friend near by to offer help. More times than not I get a little... Okay, that's a lie. I get ALOT frustrated when I sew. My biggest issue was running the dang sewing machine. For the life of me I couldn't figure out how to get that little string to make lines. This time around i really wanted to figure this out. I asked my dear friend to sit down and show me once more how to thread the machine. In .5 seconds she does it and says, "that's all you do." I looked back at her and explained that she might have well just done brain surgery on someone and then looked at me like okay it's your turn now!

She goes to the other room to continue pinning all the blocks. My determination kicks in. This is ridiculous. It's a little piece of string... I can do this! I take the string out backwards. Seeing how it goes through all the different spots. Finally, it made sense!! Now the bobbin is still a little hard but I'm going to master that one day too.

That's me with my hair pulled up for the first time in a long time! I'm standing on the porch of MY HOUSE! Unique feature of this house is found right there on the porch. Most porches have a simple safety railing on the porch. I have a privacy fence on mine! Yes, I am standing straight up and not bending at all. That's how tall my railing is. Not sure exactly how it got that tall but I'm not complaining. Soon, hopefully soon, I'm going to have a closet in that house. No, I'm going to have two closets! I can't wait!!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

I can just imagine what was going on in this picture. It's time to get the wifey a gift. He finds something real niiiiice. Wraps it up and gives it to her. Trying to hide his excitement he snacks while she opens it.
He's so proud of himself. While dear wifey's face screams... What the heck is this?
The eyes speak volumes as to what her tone might have sounded like.

She has two options. Put it back in her lap and turn to tell him how much she loves it! Then quickly putting it in her sock draw having no idea what it was. Or to turn to him and respond how thoughtful and to ask exactly what is it or does it do. Allowing him time to explain both what it is and the best way to use it. Which one do you think she chose?

Last year my brother and I got my mom a used laptop for Christmas. It was a huge hit! She loved it but upon opening do you know what she did with it? She gave it right back to me so I could start showing her how to use it. Through this week process I often heard these phrases, "You can do that with a computer? I never knew that! How cool! You mean I can do all that sitting from my recliner?" That last one peeked my dad's interest in the laptop! :)

What's this got to do with anything?

It's got everything to do with everything... That's what!

Ever heard about the gift of salvation through Jesus Christ? It is a free gift God offers to all who are willing to accept. Through salvation we are welcomed into the family of God for all eternity. His a visual aid for those that need that (like me).

Salvation is a gift offered to humans by God our Creator. Upon His handing of that gift into our hands we have to make a choice. Do we deny the gift and give it back or do we unwrap it to see what it looks like. If you choose to deny and give it back your life will forever be altered. If you choose to open it and receive the gift your life too will forever be altered. Once the gift is opened and received what you do with it will determine the rest of your days on earth.

Do you stare at it’s weirdness and put it down and move on with life? Do you try and figure out exactly what it is yourself? Do you store it somewhere safe so it stays clean and protected because you know it is such a valued gift? Or do you do as my mom did with her computer? Do you give it back to the One who gave it to you so you can better understand what it is you have just been given? THIS my friends is the part in life most believers fail to ever understand. Salvation is not just a get out of hell free card. It’s a life more abundant and free card. Frustratingly enough though we are never taught how to access that freedom.

I love my mom to death but had she not let my brother and I walk her through how to use what she needed on her computer. I am confident to say it would be in a box in a spare bedroom just collecting dust (like most bibles are doing in our homes of America). Thankfully she asked how to use it! Otherwise that would have been one expensive box collecting dust.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Two perplexing issues to me

Exercise WorkoutTwo things in life I don't believe I have ever fully understand.

1. Jazzercise or Aerobics (can you see ME doing that in the picture?)

I don't remember all the circumstances around it but in high school for a period of time one winter when it was too cold to workout outside one of our coaches thought doing jazzercise/aerobics would be a great idea. Hold the phone. I did not do jazz to anything. I refused to do it. This particular coach thought she would show me who was boss. I was sitting a chair in the back while everyone did that mess. I sat there shaking my head. Not gonna do it! She tells me to come to the front row. Not expecting my surprise. I had no problem coming to the front row. And I brought my chair with me. Sat down right in front of her. Assuring her again I did not do that and she wasn't going to convince me otherwise. I sat in the chair the remainder of that class. I do believe that was the last time she brought a jazzercisse video to athletics class.

Yes, I'm sure there would have be athletic benefits to it. But what you need to remember is that I did not want to do that. Period. End of story. Pretty sure if you were in my mom's office as she is reading this you'd probably see her laughing out loud! She raised me, she knows! If you could see my dad reading this from his recliner he's just shaking his head and belly laughing. He raised me, he knows! (Not to mention the fact mom says I got this trait from him). :) There was absolutely nothing in that coaches power to get me to do that. There was no threat in the world that would have worked. I had it settled in my mind I was not going to participate in that. Hence, dragging my chair to the front row to sit down.

Which leads me to the second thing in life I'll never understand.

2. Obedience

As shown by my very true first story obedience has never been real high on my spiritual gift survey shall we say. Pretty sure if Seiring is reading this she too is getting a good laugh. Seeing how she drove 4 hours to my college graduation yes to show her support but more so to make sure I really did graduate. She knew this mindset in me that often got in the way. I know people who have no problem doing exactly what they're told when they are told to do it. Whatever gene that is I'm pretty sure mine has gone dormit or has just plain disappeared. I have questions. Lots and lots of questions. I have an insatiable desire to understand. I didn't see how jazzercise was going to benefit me. Thus, I wasn't going to do it.

If you can convince me that something is beneficial and worthwhile then you'll never have to think twice about my obedience. It will be done in a heart beat. But at the ounce of a question you better take time to help me understand before I pull the chair to the front row and sit down.

Tonight is one of those obedient issues.

I've gone back to college for a Master's in Biblical Counseling. I pretty much hated every minute of my academic career after they removed nap time come 1st grade. It was shot for me. I made it through elementary due to recess time. I made it through middle school and high school because you had to go to class to play sports. I made it through college because I was too scared to call my Mama to tell her I had dropped out. Now onto my Masters!? What?!?

That's what I think almost everyday that I have to pull out my books to work on my classes. I have nine hours and it's midterms this week. (Yes, I am fully aware I should be studying and not blogging but I needed a break). Tonight I was reminded again about this thing we call obedience. I do not want to be doing school. I want to be hanging out with people. I want to be watching TV or movies. I want to be doing something.... ANYTHING... other than sitting by myself working on SCHOOL! But it is for the sake of obedience that I am doing school. I do not know for sure what I have gone back but I simply know it is something the Lord drew my heart to do. It is out of a heart of obedience I will continue this scholastic endeavor and lonely nights for the next 3.5 semesters. Hopefully in that time frame God will show me what this is all about before I pull my chair to the front row leaving my books in the back and say forget it, I'm done!

Maybe one of God's major points is just to teach me another lesson in obedience even when I don't understand. If only I could've learned this lesson years ago. Perhaps my younger years could have proved less stressful to those around me.

Even though I will never understand jazzercise nor will I ever participate in it I hope God continues to teach me about obedience and the joys it truly can bring.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

May-October 2009

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Sorry for the delayed life happenings. It's been a busy 5 months to say the least.

- A friend's little girl experienced a moment of faith through baptism.
- Summer staff came to work with us for 10 weeks and we had a great time of orientation!
- The garden grew some serious beans!!
- Ran away to Boston to see best friend from big VA and her husband. Arrived Friday around lunch and departed Sunday around 11am. Quick but great trip! Saw Fenway Park, REAL whales, Cheers Pub, and lots of Boston history! Road the subway EVERYWHERE.
- Got kicked out of my basement apartment. :(
- Getting a house built for me on campus complete with cool wrap around front porch! :)

I think that hits most of the highlights over the past few months. The summer came and went. Lots of hours but saw the Lord do many things through many different people. The bug isn't working so hot right now but haven't had time to check into the problem. One problem is I ripped the drive side door off and now it won't shut. You have to hold it shut to drive down the road. So, the fact it doesn't want to start right now is not too big of a deal.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Another day...

Continuing from yesterday...

I thought of a verse for The Gambler that was left out.

Know when to hold'em
know when to fold'em
know when to walk away
know when to run

know when to laugh
know when to speak
know when to smack them
right in the mouth...

"smack'em in the mouth" is a favorite phrased used by one of the cooks that works with us during the summer time. I know, I know... But don't I work at a Christian camp? Yes, I do! That's the beauty of it. We do all love the Lord dearly but we also love to laugh and have fun too. Consequently sometimes we say silly things like "smack'em in the mouth."

Speaking of laughing, speaking and smack'em in the mouth. That makes me think of one of my all time favorite actors. Tyler Perry. I needed a good laugh tonight so I looked up some of his stuff on youtube. HILARIOUS!

The first clip is a phrase I think of often... Jesus just saved yo life. Oh the things I would do and say if it were not for my Jesus. I do and say enough with him in my life. I'd be in trouble without him.

The second clip made me laugh so hard I cried the first time I ever saw it. I think I might have wet myself a little I was laughing so hard. "They don't know me... I'm old school. I will beat them and ask questions later!" That's just funny.

The third clip is one for my mom. It is her personal favorite!

The thing about TV shows and movies is our ability to relate to characters. I think that's what draws me to Madea is she laughs, she speaks, and she smack'ems in the mouth! Cracks me up! But of course what is okay for entertainment value is not always deemed to be appropriate in the real world.

I do hope you enjoy and get a good laugh out of these!

Before you think my video choice is completely trash check out this next link.

Sorry, but it wouldn't let me post the video on here. It's really a good song. And a reminder that we do have a Father who listens intently to our hearts. He is not distant even in difficult times.

*Disclaimer: the Bible does not condone smacking people in the mouth. Unless you were my mom growing up. :) Haha! I do apologize if you find these clips offensive. But they do make me laugh out loud. And I still love Jesus while I'm laughing at this stuff!

Thursday, September 24, 2009


It would appear it has been about 4 months since my last post. My sweet sister in law reminded me of that on my recent trip to Texas.

Hear me out before you pass judgement on my song selection.

*Disclaimer* I don't drink, smoke, or gamble. Nor do I believe the best thing in life is dying in your sleep. Those reasons aren't why this song has been on my mind.

This song first off makes me laugh. It's an old classic country tune! I do find some realness in knowing when to hold'em and knowing when to fold'em and simply knowing when to walk away or knowing when to run.

Life is an interesting thing.

The hurdles we face. The joys we overlook.

I've started with my Master's work again taking 9 hours online. Perhaps not my brightest moment. I'm a couple of weeks into and pretty much overwhelmed by two of the three classes. We'll see how the next couple of weeks pan out.

The construction on my new place of residency continues to go on. The move in date is still yet to be decided.

Work is work. Some people like what we do. Some people don't. I suppose that happens everywhere.

I noticed a couple of leaves fly by my window today while I was in the office which means the tress should be getting colorful pretty soon.

For all three people who read this and don't have daily contact with me now you know the short version of where life currently has me. Trying to know when to hold'em, know when to fold'em, know when to walk away and know when to run. That sums it up pretty well for right now.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The Beauty of a Child...

That picture is not of any baby that I know just one I found online. The past two evenings I've had the joy of holding a newborn for a bit. A friend of mine here in Tennessee has a baby that is all of 9 days old today. For the life of me I have absolutely no understanding of how anyone could ever not want a baby. I realize they can get expensive and cause a good amount of stress in the life of parents. I realize it's probably a little scary to take one home from the hospital. But how in the world after looking at one do you just not want one?

I've found myself both last night and tonight not just holding the baby. I like to hold her in front of me and just look at her. The tiny hands and feet. The eyes, ears, nose, and mouth that are so precious. The innocence. The dependency to survive both physically and emotionally upon those that surround them. It just fascinates me.

The reality that the Lord knew completely of that child long before she was born. The reality that God formed that baby in her mother's womb. The reality of God's design to give women the ability to grow a child within their own body. How do you see that happen over a period of nine months and not believe that there is a God?

The beauty of a child is one that always has and I guess probably always will make my heart melt.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Still here

I am still alive! Our staff has arrived for the summer. I've tried to take lots of pictures only to come to my computer and find out that my USB ports are apparently worn out. Little inconvenient but not a complete catastrophe. I can still download them somewhere else and put them on my computer through a CD that hooks up through a firewire.

I'm sure that was far more information than anyone really cared about.

We have 7 staffers currently. Five will stay the entire summer and two of them will be leaving at the end of June. As with each year they are all different. We've had a good time of orientation with them and continue to work out some of the odds and ends of what we expect of them throughout this summer.

I had to go out and till the garden today and for the first time since I cut my hair I actually pulled it into two lower pigtails to get it off my neck. That's a big step for my hair!

I haven't completely figured out yet how to make time to blog through this fun time of year. Hopefully by the end of the summer I will have something figured out!

Physically there is much going on around here.

Mentally it seems hard to make the mind slow down this time of year. There are so many things the Lord brings before us. Yes, we get staff in to help us do some of the ministries. Honestly though we believe one of the biggest task for our staff is to get to know Jesus more while they are here. We take that responsibility very seriously because if they walk away knowing Jesus better than when they showed up here there is nothing better in life we could have taught them. Nothing will help them go further in life more than knowing their King.

Spiritually it's a war zone around here. We want to see God move through this camp, this ministry and our lives. For every prayer and desire to see God move is an equal and opposite motive from satan to desire things around here to crumble. He's rather vicious in his attacks too. This song below is one of my favorites by Rich Mullins. I love the simplicity of the lyrics.

I'm the type of person who likes to understand why. When I go through times where my life doesn't make sense those are very frustrating times for me. It's in those moments I have to go back to the root of God. I have to find those things about Him that I do understand to help me understand my own life better. In the midst of that searching this song often becomes my prayer. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Busy days...

Sorry, I don't have any personal updates at the time.

You can check out my work blog to understand why!

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Hair update

Mom, just thought you'd want to know my hair is growing!  This hair was washed last night and did it's own thing through the night.  It's calmed down as the day has gone on.  And no I'm not as pale as the picture shows.  Just a bad combo w/ the office lighting and my flash I guess.  

Friday, March 27, 2009

Top 5 do NOTS of the day!

I didn't want to have to think long enough to come up with a top 10 so we're going to go with a top 5 list!

Top 5 things NOT to done when anywhere other than your own home...

(Keep in mind I work at a camp/retreat facility.  Also keep in mind today I had to clean some cabins)  Enjoy.

5.  Do NOT stash candy, gum or anything else under your mattress.  If you're snacking just admit that you're snacking and when you're finished snacking in bed go throw it in the trash can!  Somebody has to pick that up!

4.  Do NOT leave coke or in todays case Mountain Dew cans EVERYWHERE after you drink them.  Drink the can then place it in a trash can.  It's that simple.  Somebody has to pick that up!

3.  Do NOT leave enough hair behind that a fake wig could be weaved from it.  I know hair can come out by the handfuls.  But that does not mean you have to leave it all over the sink.  The best is pulling it from the drain.  It's one thing to pull your own hair from a drain but somebody else's is disgusting.  When you leave hair everywhere guess what?  Somebody has to pick that up!  

2.  Do NOT leave band aids in the shower!  You know when you have a wound that needs a band aid.  You know if you go into the shower with a band aid you should come out with a band aid.  If you go in with a band aid and do not come out with one...  Where might that band aid still be?  In the shower!  Somebody has to pick that up!

1.  This is my favorite from today.  Do NOT leave your underwear any place other than on your body or at your house!  Perhaps you have more than you need.  Perhaps you wore the ones that give you a wedgie all day long.  Either way if you bring 3 pairs with you please go home with 3 pairs!  I know economy is struggling but I don't need somebody's drawers...  Biggest reason not to leave your underwears is that SOMEBODY HAS TO PICK THAT UP!  

Saturday, February 28, 2009

Moment of Worship

Today I was blessed with the opportunity to lead a couple of "worship" sessions for a women's conference at my church. When you lack much musical ability you have to find creative things such as the videos to lead worship times. 

My viewpoint with worship is that if something causes you to think towards the Lord it's a moment of worship. Today's theme for worship was LOVE. I actually only got to use the Father's Love Letter that's about 10 minutes long. I do encourage the next time you have about 15 minutes to burn ask yourself this one question.

Does God love you?

Now ask it in this form.  Honestly, ask yourself this question.

Does God love me?  Think on that question for a moment.  

Then watch each of these videos to find that answer.

May you have a time of worship as God answers the question of His love for you...

Monday, February 23, 2009

Good question.

Sunday night I got to speak to a group of kiddos who were learning about missionaries.  Initially they were a little disappointed with me because they were studying the process of it.  The appointment, going to Virginia and all those sort of things people who work for the North American Mission Board do.  I had to explain that I was appointed by the Lord to come here so after I graduated from college with my car still packed up I moved from Texas to serve here.  

I said something funny a little later which made us all friends again, but I don't remember what it was.  They had some questions to ask then I shared about what I do and of course we made some salvation bracelets!  Then we talked a little about Psalm 27:11 being the ultimate prayer!  And that since we are all called to be missionaries for Christ that would be the most important prayer from scripture they could be praying 24/7.

One of the kiddos ask this question.

What's the hardest part about being a missionary?

I looked at him and I said, "Do you really want to know?"  He replied, "Yes."

So, I told him.

I said about 30 minutes ago I got a phone call from my 4 year old nephew.  He wanted to know when Sissy was coming to home to see him?  

I love that Ty is old enough to talk on the phone.  Well, I use the phrase talk loosely because most of the conversation he's doing what my brother has always done...  "Huh?"  Huh, is about every other word.  Then he'll go "Sissy, what'd you say?"  

His opening line is always great because he's a child with such an adult personality.  

Nine times out of ten his first words when I say hello will be 


I say hey.

Followed up with "wha are you doin?"  

The best conversations are when you mention something about driving.  Those questions are always followed by where you are going?  wha are you doing there?  What kind of car are you driving?  Is it four wheel drive?  Does it have a hitch (if it's a truck)?  

You know all those important questions 4 year old ask!  

It's hilarious.  

Then after a bit, in similar fashion to my brother.  

ok, sissy I gotta go.  Love you.

I might be in the middle of a sentence but when he's ready to get off, he's gone.

He called again today to tell me they were going to look at a truck and he told me about how his daddy's work truck did not have a hitch on it.  I ask if he was with his Ed Ed he said, "Oh yeah. And I brought my Nana with me too."  

Mom said that was accurate he made her come along for the ride.  As if she put up much of a fight!  :)  

I told Ty I'd be home to see him in March.  I hear him move the phone around.  Then I hear him say, "Nana when is March?"  She said next week and I had to quickly tell him I wouldn't be there next week but it wouldn't be too long after that!

He's precious.  They say Ainsley is making a great new face now too!  I can't wait to see them in March, just not next week of March.  

Friday, February 20, 2009

What's the problem here?

Can anyone tell me what is wrong with this picture?

Look closely...

Yes, the basket is really cute!  But look closer.

Do you see the problem yet?  Think from a healthy perspective.

Give up yet?

If you look close enough you will notice about 3 bananas rotting in the basket.  Got any clue why they are rotting?  Let me just go ahead and tell you.  It's because my tongue would much rather taste fudge in the morning for breakfast than a banana!  Awful, I know!  Praise the Lord I've almost finished the fudge.  Won't have to worry about that temptation much longer.  You can't tell it very well but those apples aren't looking too fresh themselves!

Thursday, February 19, 2009


It took about two weeks but I finally stopped jumping when I walked past a mirror.  The short hair thing really threw me off a bit.  I made the comment last night that it took two weeks for my hair to look decent.  The comment I received back was actually it took you two weeks to finally be ok with it.  

Yes, that was true.  It's pretty easy to fix which is good.  I know this is going to sound bad to many people.  However, it is the truth.  I have not brushed my hair since I cut it!  I run my fingers through it in the shower but that's the extent 
of it.  

Below are a few pics of the new hair and what it does without a hair brush!  :)

A little more wave than curl.

A little more curl than wave.

Only about half dry.  Can you see what else is new other than the hair??

There's really no method to the madness of creating curls or waves.  Basically, I wash it...  Put a little gel in it (if I want to "fix" it) run the blow dryer for about 2 minutes (or just let it air dry) then what happens happens.  

 I am not a self portrait type person so Mama I hope you enjoy seeing your daughter because I mostly did this for you!  I love you!  And for Lucy who'll appreciate the hair pics.  

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Happy Valentine's!

Yes, I realize I'm a day late but I did not get this amazing gift until today.  

I knew I was in for something good when a good friend at church said, "Hey, I've got you a valentine's gift but it's in the car."  Followed by devious laughter.  She's a dear friend who knows my heart so I thought this will be good.  

Pictured above is what I was presented with after church.  


On the ride home with my friends I ride with one comment she made was, "If I see this package open in your house..."  I quickly followed up that oh yes it will be opened!!  Then her son from the back seat wanted to know why that package said "Grow a Boyfriend?"  We just changed the subject.

Just like all good things in life, this growth is not immediate.  It will begin within two hours of placing it in water.  Within 72 hours it will have reached it's full potential.  

I fully intend over the next 72 hours to keep you all posted on the growth.  I'm not sure what you're excited more over.  The fact I'm growing a boyfriend or the fact I can actually use the word boyfriend in a post?!

All joking aside this whole topic is a hard one for me.  Mainly for two reasons.

1.  I greatly desire to be married.

2.  I am not married nor have any potential of being in the near future. 

I'm sure many folks just think I have chosen to live a life without marriage because it would seem that's what my current lifestyle is representing.  I assure you with great fervency that is not the case.  My current job does require much of my time.  My current job has placed me in a rural area where most are married by the time they're 12, oh I mean 20.  I am not getting any younger.  Trust me these are all things I am completely and totally aware of everyday.  

Do you know something I'm finally realizing though?  These are things that God is completely aware of as well.   The Lord is the one who has placed this desire for a family within me.  The Lord is the one who brought me to this ministry out in the middle of now where.  The Lord is also completely aware that I'm now much closer to 30 than 20.  He has not forgotten these things.  He has not ignored these things.  

More than anything I think the Lord continues to ask me if I will simply trust Him with these things.  God has yet to ever at any moment given me reason not to trust Him.  He is faithful!

Through my singleness I have gotten to draw near to God when nothing else was near.  I have learned a dependency upon Christ through necessity.  I have been able to serve the Lord with my time and finances that is often not available to those whom are married.  Through this time I have gotten to fully love children that are not my own as if they were.  I have been able to help and encourage others in their marriages with biblical advice because all I know of marriage is what scripture says.  I have been able to encourage singles that God adores them when sometimes it feels no one on earth does.  Through this time God has taught me that I am not who I am based upon what I am.  Meaning that even though I'm not a wife and mom, I am still His child and that's where I need to base my security and acceptance.  Through this time God has used many different people to provide the daily love, encouragement and physical help a single girl has.  I don't have to fix things that are broken, God takes care of those things.  Granted, I've had the time to learn how to fix lots of things.  When major things happen He has provided major manly hands to help out.  The list could go on and on...

For much of my time being single my eyes were to full of frustration and anger at God to see the wonderful things He had in store for me.  I rejoice now that I am joyful more often than frustrated.  Notice, I didn't remove the fact that I do still get frustrated.  I do think that I'm more often OK then days where I am completely not ok.  

God is God.  God knows my heart and loves my heart.  The bottom line really is...  

Do I have faith that God will take care of me?  Do I have faith God will provide for me physically, spiritually, and emotionally?  Do I have faith and believe God's plans are better than mine?  Do I have faith and believe His promise of Jeremiah 29:11?  

I do believe one day I'll post a picture of a boyfriend I didn't have to grow, but I will be able to write about how God's hands grew a man just for me.  Ok, maybe a little selfish to say just for ME.  But you get my point.  I look forward to writing how God's word stretched him through time and how the living water of Christ was what satisfied his soul.  

Nope, I have no clue how God's going to do it in these hills of Tennessee but I believe He will.  Not simply to meet my desire for marriage, but in the greater scheme of things to meet His desire in furthering the Kingdom.  Through a Christ centered marriage and children who desire to serve the Lord in all that they do.  

Feel free to join me in praying for this man who will be posted on this blog one day.  Not just that he would hurry up and find Benton, TN.  More importantly though that he remain steadfast in God's word and obedient to God's voice.  

While I'm waiting we can enjoy the homegrown boyfriend just for kicks.  Got any suggestions for a name??  

Monday, February 9, 2009

Wants and Want Nots

I apologize Ms. Seiring because I don't actually know if it's proper to use the phrase want nots. Maybe when you're done reading this it will make more contextual sense even if it fails in grammatical strength.  

Today the weather was really warm here in Southeast TN so before I headed over to my normal dinner place I took a walk around the lake.  Here's a little glimpse of the thought process that occurred during this stretching of my legs.

There are a lot of things in life I want to do.  Equally as lengthy is the list of things I want NOT to do.  Oddly as it seems most all of those things are intricately connected.  

Follow me for just a minute...

I don't want to clean my house and straighten up everyday.  It doesn't directly affect my life if I have 3 pairs of shoes by my couch.  I don't want to spend time EVERYDAY sorting and sprucing up things around my house.  

HOWEVER, I do want to have a home that's always available to have guest.  Since I do not want people in my house when it is not clean.  I do enjoy the peacefulness of a clean house that seems to be there.

It seems that in order to get what I ultimately want...  A home prepared to host any one who might stop by.  I have to do little things everyday that I don't want.  Dang it.

I don't want to gain back all the weight I lost in recent years.  I much prefer the healthier me.  I don't want to have to buy new clothes because my other ones aren't as comfy as they once were.
I don't want to put back the double stuffed Oreos from my shopping cart.  I don't want to have to restrict what I eat, when I eat and how much I eat.  I'm not much for restrictions of any sort.

HOWEVER, I do want to have a healthy body that supports God's word that says man does not live on bread alone but on every word the proceeds out of the mouth of the Lord.  I do want to look and feel good.  

It seems in order to get what I ultimately want...  A body that is God's temple.  I have to do little things everyday I don't want to do!  Dang it, again!

I don't want to have to track every penny I spend.  

HOWEVER, I do want to be able to give and spend as the Lord leads me to do especially to further His Kingdom.

It seems in order to get what I ultimately want...  Finances available to the Lord.  I have to do little things everyday I don't want to do!  Dang it, still with the want nots!

I've never been one to do things I don't want to do.  Just ask my mom and dad!  :)  I think God's out to prove me wrong about my theories of always doing what I want.  While trying to wrap my thoughts more around His desires for me.  Forgetting the want and want nots and leaning more towards obedience and disobedience. 

I desire to be obedient to the Lord and His word.  Thus, any form of disobedience must be removed.  As good ole John says...  More of Him and less of me.  

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Being helpful...

Today, I decided to help my friends clean out their chimney from their wooden stove.  You have to actually move the stove to get it all situation right.  The stove being a huge hunk of...  Well, I'm not sure what but something metal and really, really heavy!  Due to my youthful training I still have a physique that is capable of lifting heavy things on occasion.  Today was one of those occasions I decide to be a friendly neighbor and help them out.  

You have to empty the ashes from the stove into this little box underneath.  When that fills up you take it outside and empty it.  Obviously you have to wait until they've cooled off and things of that nature.  While my friend was adjusting the chimney I asked if I could take the ashes out.  He says sure go put it by the oak tree out in the middle of the yard.  

I nod ok and head out the door.  

(Ummm...  No, I don't actually know what an oak tree looks like.  I thought maybe I could figure it out by deductive reasoning or something.  I mean that's how I graduated from high school and college.  Surely it would work now to find a certain tree.)


I was smart enough to first notice which way the wind was blowing.  And dumped the ashes so they didn't cover me!  (I was pretty proud of that decision)  I dump the ashes that were still just a LITTLE bit warm to the touch.  Not HOT or anything.  I walk back inside the house.  

All the sudden the cute 7 year old standing on the couch looking out the front window with a huge grin on his face says, 

"Wow Ms. Lindsey you made a FIRE."

Normally, with these type comments I just ignore it assuming there is some exaggeration going on.  This time seemed a little different.  He looked serious.  I immediately open the door and look out in the front yard...



My response?


  Literally, the yard was on fire!!  

The yard just in front of their house.  


Not just any yard but the yard COVERED IN LEAVES.  
Dead leaves.
Leaves that catch on fire GREAT!

Chris grabs a rake off the porch to assess the situation in the yard...

Twelve year old Christopher goes running outside screaming, "COOL FIRE!"

Chris kept his cool and decided to let it burn off a portion of the leaves.  He said it might even help grass grow in that area better next year.  

The boys played around it for awhile thinking it was really cool.

Susan, their daughter, stayed on the porch suggesting we put it out immediately!  

I just stood there thinking I almost caught their house on fire!  

As I was standing around making sure things didn't get out of hand I noticed this tree in the middle of the yard that had NO LEAVES around it.   Nothing but dirt.  Deductive skills at that moment realized...  You guessed it.  Ohhh...  That's the Oak tree!  Apparently our middle of the yard concepts were a little off.  I'll know for next though.    

The best part of this story is this.  

This isn't the first time I've almost caught their house on fire!

The first time was from inside the house!

Another story for another day.  

Yes, somedays I do amaze my own self.  

Maybe someday I'll tell you about the day I ran over their dog...

Saturday, January 31, 2009

You make the Choice!


Sorry for the poor photo quality of the above picture.  My camera batteries were running low and I had enough juice to get only one shot and it downloaded on my computer.

That is a picture of a sign that hangs above my front door.  Please look past the trim work that somehow did not get painted green.  I know the somehow and the someone who didn't do it.  And it has no direct affect on how this someone lives in this apartment so it's not a biggie.  

Moving right along...

I found that sign when I was shopping for a couch.  It was on clearance because it had a couple of scratches in the paint.   I was also in the process of looking for financially feasible house decorations at that time.   My thought was I could put it above a door and know one would ever be close enough to see the scratches.  When I purchased the sign I had no clue that almost daily it would smack me in the face!

No, I don't mean by my poor carpentry skills it would fall off the wall and smack me.  Actually, I'm pretty proud of myself for hanging it all by myself because the wall it hangs on is a slanted wall.  It's the wall that hides pipes.  Anyways.

The reality of CHOICE.

That's what smacks me.

God is a big and mighty God in ways that I cannot even comprehend.  Yet, He allows us the ability to choose.  Choose what?  Everything!  

Everything from the clothes we wear.  The job we have.  The foods we eat.  The way we worship.  The music we listen to.  
And right down to the attitude we have.  
Yep, this where it gets a little unpleasant.  

At the wise old age of 27 I truly believe that we choose our attitudes.  For so long I think I lived with that jaded perspective that our attitudes chose us.  Or better yet our situations dictated our attitude.  Just for reference this is not something I have perfected or even do very well for that fact.  It's just a reality that I thought I'd share today.  


Well, mostly because today I am having to choose my attitude.  

I am having to choose joy.  I am having to choose to trust God.  I am having to choose to be obedient to His word.  

What's the other option?

Let your attitude choose you.  Let your circumstance dictate the overflow of your heart today.  

I've got no substantial issue I'm dealing with.  More or less just got up on the wrong side of the bed I suppose.  Come to think of it I literally did get up on the wrong side of the bed.  The side I normally sleep in is getting a little caved in (yes, that makes me feel like I airy) so rather than flip my mattress as I should do.  Last night I just decided to sleep on the other side.  

Seeing that sign just a bit ago made me remember though that I can choose to stay grumpy or I can just let it go and choose something else.  In reality whatever that it is that's made you grumpy, normally is not that big of a deal.  In the big scheme of things is it really worth letting anger and bitterness take control of you for the time being.  Probably not.  

I think on my other door I need a sign that is a common phrase that comes from my mouth that is quoted back to me from time to time by dear friends of mine.  


I'm going to be such a good counselor one day!  

Active listening to peoples care and concern only to respond back with such wisdom.




More often than not that's really what we all need to hear though.  

Today I'm choosing to get over it and move on with life.

Life is good!  

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Hair story!

That is not some dead Tennessee critter on my table.  

That is my hair.

My long hair.

My hair that I really liked long.

I think it looks better on my head than on the table. 

Here's the story.  

I've always had long hair.  I like it long.  My family always liked it long.  It looks best when it's long.  I can let it go curly when it's long.  Or I can straighten it when it's long and it looks fine either way.  

Then I had an aunt who had cancer.  I remember mom calling and telling me how her hair was beginning to fall out.  Then there was the day she decided to go ahead and cut it off because it just kept falling out.  Mom said that was pretty hard for her.  

Then at camp each year we have an event called Candlelighter's for children with cancer.  It's basically a free fun play day for the children and their families.  

Then I find out about this company called Locks of Love.  With 10 inches of hair they help financially disadvantaged children by creating quality hair prosthetics (as their webpage says.)

I hate to see children hurt.  

I knew I had the ability to grow long and healthy hair.  


I grew my hair out and then cut it off.  

Mom please don't fall out of your chair or curse so loud they hear it at the front desk of your office!  

It's not my favorite look.  

But God reminded me this morning that for those children without hair...  That look is not their favorite look either.  

Perhaps if I do this again I will grow it out even longer so mine doesn't have to get so short.  

More than anything I think part of this process for me is to have a daily reminder to pray for people dealing with much harder circumstances than myself.  That's exactly what this short head of hair is going to do for awhile.  Every time I see it...  It will remind me that someone somewhere has shorter hair than me that they did not choose. 

Saturday, January 17, 2009


Cook with caution when using a gas stove (real flames) and wearing a robe with big sleeves!