Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Hair update

Mom, just thought you'd want to know my hair is growing!  This hair was washed last night and did it's own thing through the night.  It's calmed down as the day has gone on.  And no I'm not as pale as the picture shows.  Just a bad combo w/ the office lighting and my flash I guess.  

Friday, March 27, 2009

Top 5 do NOTS of the day!

I didn't want to have to think long enough to come up with a top 10 so we're going to go with a top 5 list!

Top 5 things NOT to done when anywhere other than your own home...

(Keep in mind I work at a camp/retreat facility.  Also keep in mind today I had to clean some cabins)  Enjoy.

5.  Do NOT stash candy, gum or anything else under your mattress.  If you're snacking just admit that you're snacking and when you're finished snacking in bed go throw it in the trash can!  Somebody has to pick that up!

4.  Do NOT leave coke or in todays case Mountain Dew cans EVERYWHERE after you drink them.  Drink the can then place it in a trash can.  It's that simple.  Somebody has to pick that up!

3.  Do NOT leave enough hair behind that a fake wig could be weaved from it.  I know hair can come out by the handfuls.  But that does not mean you have to leave it all over the sink.  The best is pulling it from the drain.  It's one thing to pull your own hair from a drain but somebody else's is disgusting.  When you leave hair everywhere guess what?  Somebody has to pick that up!  

2.  Do NOT leave band aids in the shower!  You know when you have a wound that needs a band aid.  You know if you go into the shower with a band aid you should come out with a band aid.  If you go in with a band aid and do not come out with one...  Where might that band aid still be?  In the shower!  Somebody has to pick that up!

1.  This is my favorite from today.  Do NOT leave your underwear any place other than on your body or at your house!  Perhaps you have more than you need.  Perhaps you wore the ones that give you a wedgie all day long.  Either way if you bring 3 pairs with you please go home with 3 pairs!  I know economy is struggling but I don't need somebody's drawers...  Biggest reason not to leave your underwears is that SOMEBODY HAS TO PICK THAT UP!