Wednesday, October 21, 2009

I can just imagine what was going on in this picture. It's time to get the wifey a gift. He finds something real niiiiice. Wraps it up and gives it to her. Trying to hide his excitement he snacks while she opens it.
He's so proud of himself. While dear wifey's face screams... What the heck is this?
The eyes speak volumes as to what her tone might have sounded like.

She has two options. Put it back in her lap and turn to tell him how much she loves it! Then quickly putting it in her sock draw having no idea what it was. Or to turn to him and respond how thoughtful and to ask exactly what is it or does it do. Allowing him time to explain both what it is and the best way to use it. Which one do you think she chose?

Last year my brother and I got my mom a used laptop for Christmas. It was a huge hit! She loved it but upon opening do you know what she did with it? She gave it right back to me so I could start showing her how to use it. Through this week process I often heard these phrases, "You can do that with a computer? I never knew that! How cool! You mean I can do all that sitting from my recliner?" That last one peeked my dad's interest in the laptop! :)

What's this got to do with anything?

It's got everything to do with everything... That's what!

Ever heard about the gift of salvation through Jesus Christ? It is a free gift God offers to all who are willing to accept. Through salvation we are welcomed into the family of God for all eternity. His a visual aid for those that need that (like me).

Salvation is a gift offered to humans by God our Creator. Upon His handing of that gift into our hands we have to make a choice. Do we deny the gift and give it back or do we unwrap it to see what it looks like. If you choose to deny and give it back your life will forever be altered. If you choose to open it and receive the gift your life too will forever be altered. Once the gift is opened and received what you do with it will determine the rest of your days on earth.

Do you stare at it’s weirdness and put it down and move on with life? Do you try and figure out exactly what it is yourself? Do you store it somewhere safe so it stays clean and protected because you know it is such a valued gift? Or do you do as my mom did with her computer? Do you give it back to the One who gave it to you so you can better understand what it is you have just been given? THIS my friends is the part in life most believers fail to ever understand. Salvation is not just a get out of hell free card. It’s a life more abundant and free card. Frustratingly enough though we are never taught how to access that freedom.

I love my mom to death but had she not let my brother and I walk her through how to use what she needed on her computer. I am confident to say it would be in a box in a spare bedroom just collecting dust (like most bibles are doing in our homes of America). Thankfully she asked how to use it! Otherwise that would have been one expensive box collecting dust.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Two perplexing issues to me

Exercise WorkoutTwo things in life I don't believe I have ever fully understand.

1. Jazzercise or Aerobics (can you see ME doing that in the picture?)

I don't remember all the circumstances around it but in high school for a period of time one winter when it was too cold to workout outside one of our coaches thought doing jazzercise/aerobics would be a great idea. Hold the phone. I did not do jazz to anything. I refused to do it. This particular coach thought she would show me who was boss. I was sitting a chair in the back while everyone did that mess. I sat there shaking my head. Not gonna do it! She tells me to come to the front row. Not expecting my surprise. I had no problem coming to the front row. And I brought my chair with me. Sat down right in front of her. Assuring her again I did not do that and she wasn't going to convince me otherwise. I sat in the chair the remainder of that class. I do believe that was the last time she brought a jazzercisse video to athletics class.

Yes, I'm sure there would have be athletic benefits to it. But what you need to remember is that I did not want to do that. Period. End of story. Pretty sure if you were in my mom's office as she is reading this you'd probably see her laughing out loud! She raised me, she knows! If you could see my dad reading this from his recliner he's just shaking his head and belly laughing. He raised me, he knows! (Not to mention the fact mom says I got this trait from him). :) There was absolutely nothing in that coaches power to get me to do that. There was no threat in the world that would have worked. I had it settled in my mind I was not going to participate in that. Hence, dragging my chair to the front row to sit down.

Which leads me to the second thing in life I'll never understand.

2. Obedience

As shown by my very true first story obedience has never been real high on my spiritual gift survey shall we say. Pretty sure if Seiring is reading this she too is getting a good laugh. Seeing how she drove 4 hours to my college graduation yes to show her support but more so to make sure I really did graduate. She knew this mindset in me that often got in the way. I know people who have no problem doing exactly what they're told when they are told to do it. Whatever gene that is I'm pretty sure mine has gone dormit or has just plain disappeared. I have questions. Lots and lots of questions. I have an insatiable desire to understand. I didn't see how jazzercise was going to benefit me. Thus, I wasn't going to do it.

If you can convince me that something is beneficial and worthwhile then you'll never have to think twice about my obedience. It will be done in a heart beat. But at the ounce of a question you better take time to help me understand before I pull the chair to the front row and sit down.

Tonight is one of those obedient issues.

I've gone back to college for a Master's in Biblical Counseling. I pretty much hated every minute of my academic career after they removed nap time come 1st grade. It was shot for me. I made it through elementary due to recess time. I made it through middle school and high school because you had to go to class to play sports. I made it through college because I was too scared to call my Mama to tell her I had dropped out. Now onto my Masters!? What?!?

That's what I think almost everyday that I have to pull out my books to work on my classes. I have nine hours and it's midterms this week. (Yes, I am fully aware I should be studying and not blogging but I needed a break). Tonight I was reminded again about this thing we call obedience. I do not want to be doing school. I want to be hanging out with people. I want to be watching TV or movies. I want to be doing something.... ANYTHING... other than sitting by myself working on SCHOOL! But it is for the sake of obedience that I am doing school. I do not know for sure what I have gone back but I simply know it is something the Lord drew my heart to do. It is out of a heart of obedience I will continue this scholastic endeavor and lonely nights for the next 3.5 semesters. Hopefully in that time frame God will show me what this is all about before I pull my chair to the front row leaving my books in the back and say forget it, I'm done!

Maybe one of God's major points is just to teach me another lesson in obedience even when I don't understand. If only I could've learned this lesson years ago. Perhaps my younger years could have proved less stressful to those around me.

Even though I will never understand jazzercise nor will I ever participate in it I hope God continues to teach me about obedience and the joys it truly can bring.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

May-October 2009

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Sorry for the delayed life happenings. It's been a busy 5 months to say the least.

- A friend's little girl experienced a moment of faith through baptism.
- Summer staff came to work with us for 10 weeks and we had a great time of orientation!
- The garden grew some serious beans!!
- Ran away to Boston to see best friend from big VA and her husband. Arrived Friday around lunch and departed Sunday around 11am. Quick but great trip! Saw Fenway Park, REAL whales, Cheers Pub, and lots of Boston history! Road the subway EVERYWHERE.
- Got kicked out of my basement apartment. :(
- Getting a house built for me on campus complete with cool wrap around front porch! :)

I think that hits most of the highlights over the past few months. The summer came and went. Lots of hours but saw the Lord do many things through many different people. The bug isn't working so hot right now but haven't had time to check into the problem. One problem is I ripped the drive side door off and now it won't shut. You have to hold it shut to drive down the road. So, the fact it doesn't want to start right now is not too big of a deal.