Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Still unsure...

I still am very unsure of how to run a Boys & Girls Club. Granted, I'm only two weeks into it. There is a part of me though that just doesn't have a desire to know how to "run it". I go pick up one of our schools up each day at 2:30. By the time I get back most of the other kids are there. I walk in the door and typically hear my name from different angles.

All genuinely important issues such as...

We are out of trash bags.

Do you know where the pool stick is?

So and so needs you to pick them up at 4 today.

So and so called and needs you to call them back.

So and so is about to get a pink slip (not a good thing) if they don't calm down will you go talk to him.

So and so, so and so, so and sooooo....

Then I see Desire walk by with her gloomy face as usual, arms folded across her chest. I ignore the other voices so I can kneel down and ask...

Hey Desire how's your day been?

Awful! It's just terrible and I hate it!

Desi, what's going on?

I just hate everything.

Let's go finish your snack and you can tell me what's going with your horrible day.

Whatever. I don't care.

(If I walk off and pretend I don't care I often hear this as I walk off.)


These are the things I want to do. Sit and hear there little hearts. Desi is typically angry at the world. She usually needs more than a short conversation too.

She is just one.

Generally, there are about 25 others from 6-12 years old. Then in the teen room there might be 5-10 of them. I want to hear about each of their days. I try to come in and say hey to each of them and genuinely connect. Time keeps running out before I can get this task accomplished though! As well as answering other questions... Dealing with the ones in trouble... Answering the phone... Going to buy trash bags... Connecting with my staffers to make sure there day has gone well... Finding the broom...

The job is going fine. Just still trying to grasp it all.

Pray for Desi today. She really has lots of anger built up in a her that no little girl should have.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

On the road again (actually in the sky again...)

On December 27th I'll be flying out of Atlanta to head to Haiti for a week. This has brought about different responses from different people. The funniest one was from one of my friends kiddos. I mentioned to him that I was going to Haiti a few weeks ago. Then I told him recently that I bought my ticket for Haiti. He just looks at me and said, "You are seriously going there?" I said, "Yeah!" I went on to explain about the group I was going with, and how I didn't know anyone but they take trips weekly there so I felt pretty comfortable going with them.

He gets a look of relief on his face. I asked what he was thinking. He went on to explain how he thought I was just flying down there by myself to just walk around and do whatever. I assured him I was going with a group of people that have been there before. His 13 year old concern was cute!

So to be clear I am going with a group called Adventures in Missions. They have been doing trips since the earthquake last year and are working with local pastors to best meet the needs of the people. On Friday at the club I was working with some of the pre-teens on researching information for their 4H speeches. During the middle of this I had one of them look up about the hurricane coming towards Haiti so we got to sit and talk about Haiti and the destruction going on there. One girl decided to change her speech to talk about Haiti. Of course by Monday she might have decided to change it again but we'll see.

I'll post more about this trip hopefully soon.

Friday adventures

I had in my mind that Friday would be different from the rest of the week. It's Friday! Good things come on Friday...

I found out about a staff meeting in Cleveland at 12:22. Meeting starts at 12:45 and I'm about to get in the shower to clean up after cleaning at camp. My thoughts... Well, crap!

Finally got to the meeting at 1pm. Meeting still happening at 2:20. At 2:30 I was suppose to leave on the van to pick up kids. Seriously, going to be late AGAIN! That's a personal pet peeve of mine, being late. At 2:25 I lean over and express that I have to leave and walk out of the meeting while our Executive Director is talking. I figure I'll hear about that on Monday. Oh well... Luckily, I contacted a staffer to go pick up the kids.

Finally get back to the club for one of my favorite moments.

Part of the kids we pick up and part are brought on a bus. I love being there when the bus gets there because I go outside and get to hug or high five each of them as they get off the bus.

Then I got to hang out with the teens for a bit while they did there snack which was fun getting to hear about their days and weekend plans.

Friday at the club was good. It was just the meeting before hand that threw me for a loop.

Who knows what next week will hold...

I will be implementing some Club Guidelines AKA THE RULES!

1. Be Respectful
2. Be Honest
3. Be Kind
4. Be Safe
5. Be Joyful

The thought is to take a week for each of those and go over them on a daily basis for the younger ones and begin developing their minds to understand what we expect of them. These guidelines are also what each child will receive from us as staffers. That might not seem like a big deal until you meet these kids. They live in places where there is little respect, honesty, kindness or happiness.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

4 days later

4 days later and I question can I really go back tomorrow?

First full week at the Boys and Girls club has been interesting to say the least...

Fun from the week...

It's 2:45 and finally our van gets out of the shop. We are suppose to leave at 2:30 to pick up the kids.

It's 2:30 another day and I go start the van to pick up kids... Oh yeah, it won't start. I call my "boss" and he simply says he really hates to hear that happening on my first week. Go ahead and give him a call back when you figure out what to do... 4 phone calls later, I had a van and a driver leaving at 3 to go pick up kids we were suppose to leave at 2:30 to pick up.

"Out of order" sign on the bathroom from last week apparently. It was bad... bad news... Got a plunging work out that day. Got it running.

Health inspector decides to show up! She shows me of another stopped toilet. Great, that's a critical violation.

And on this same day as the other two toilets that had to be plunged I get a third call of my name to go check the toilet because it won't flush. I use my Camp Agape maintenance skills and determine that we now have no water! Luckily, it was five and most kids were gone.

I find out Monday that Tuesday we have to be open 8-5 instead of 3-8.

Lady who is suppose to help for lunch doesn't show up on the 8-5 day or the rest of the week to help with snack.

I get an email about needing to make sure we are brining in "child certificates" to help our funding. My response to that email looked something like. "Sounds great, what the heck are those?!"

I came home and cried Monday and Tuesday. Part exhaustion. Part overwhelmed.
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

There has been absolutely no office/administrative work done this week amidst the fun.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Everyday though I have had at least one good conversation with a child, and learned about their unfair lot in life. It breaks my heart. Makes me just want to wrap my arms around them and bring them back to my house.

This week I learned of a 6 year old who watched his dad's porn at the age of 4. Which in turn makes him walk around talking about sex.

There is a 13 year old who is in alternative school for the rest of the year due to drugs. He is convinced he will never make anything out of his life. He says he'll end up just like his dad, which is not the best role model in the world.

Today I helped calm down an 11 year old who had been going crazy all day. Turns out he feels like people are picking on him. Not the case but he feels like it is. I promised him that would not happen within the walls of our club. He went about the rest of the day very calm and peaceful. Who knows what he'll be like tomorrow.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

It's Thursday and I'm still thinking what in the world have I signed up to do?! Oh my word... It's been a great mix of Camp and Club this week as I had buildings to get ready to use this weekend at camp amidst the club fun. Almost one week later and I still have no idea how to run a club. I'll keep you posted on the day I finally figure out how to do that. In the mean time please be in prayer for the kids at the Club. Majority of them have no one to pray for them. I hope to change that for the time they are in my care.

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Boys and Girls Explanation

About two months ago I began praying about my fall time. We do still have plenty of camp work that needs to be taken care but I typically also have more flexible time at work to do different things. During this specific day I thought of several local ministry sites that I should be more intentional about spending time with them (Boys & Girls club, Angel Wing's Daycare, Copper Basin Crisis Center). Another thought I also had was about wanting to be around more people with the intent to share Christ with. I had the idea to do this and earn some extra money I could substitute teach a couple of days a week.

More than anything I was desiring something that took me beyond my comfort zone. I had just finished reading Crazy Love and Forgotten God and Radical . I went on a crazy reading binge after summer and before my school got started. All these books were great reminders that the Gospel is true and it is real. And I do have a responsibility to daily live that Gospel out in my life before a lost a dying world. Even if it's uncomfortable and inconvenient. They all also had the note of challenge to them. Not just feel good books about how we should love Jesus more. They called their readers to make some choices.

All that lead me to be praying for my fall and how to be intentional. That was Sat - Monday. Monday evening at 5 I get a phone call from the lady who was the director at the club. I told her I had been thinking about her so it was funny that she should call. She said she thought she knew why I had been thinking of her. I explained that I wanted to spend more time there this fall spring truly investing in the kids. She just begins to laugh. She said well that's funny. I am resigning and want you to take my position as the director.

I just sat there. I said that's a little more involvement then I had in mind. However, I will pray about it for a few days. We talked for a minute and then we got of the phone. I just sat there for awhile thinking what in the world?

I spent some time praying about it and asking God if this was His idea of moving me beyond my comfort zone and how I had intended to take some small steps this fall and perhaps bigger ones next spring. Then I called a few friends to tell them of the situation and ask for their thoughts and prayers.

That Friday I was leaving town so I told her I'd try to have an answer.

I freaked out basically for 3 days. What in the world? How does that and camp work? How do you run a boys and girls club? And of course a MILLION OTHER QUESTIONS floated in my head for several days. I went that next day to interact with the kids to get a feel for what God might be doing. I knew when I left that day this job would be fulfilling the prayers I had. These kids come from junk. Pure and simple JUNK. There home lives are not what they should be. They lack the adult love and encouragement that every kid needs and should have.

I got in my car pretty much just cried on the drive home. This is an opportunity the Lord had provided but it scared me to death. Over the next few days I continued to pray just to make sure I was understanding things right... I went back to see the kids on Wednesday as well. Again I left with complete brokenness for their little lives.

At this point I still had no idea how to run a club but I called the director on Thursday, which was a day earlier than she had thought. With hesitation and part confusion I told her I had no idea how it was going to work but I was suppose to take the job. She got way excited! When she asked me to do it she said that they had someone else they wanted to bring in from Cleveland but she told them she didn't want anyone from Cleveland. In the best interest of the club and the kids it should be someone from Benton. She said as she thought about it I was the person she kept thinking about as someone who would care as much about the kids as she does.

Well, it's been a crazy unorganized process filled with lots of moments of me thinking perhaps I made the wrong decision, but I start Monday, November 1st.

No, I still don't know how to run a Boys and Girls Club.

No, I still don't know how this will work out perfectly with Camp.

Yes, I have fallen completely for the kids!

I trust the Lord will show me the rest as I need to understand it.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

I hate art!

Today at the Boys and Girls Club I heard my name called a lot. The kiddos had no recess at school and no outside time at the club. That is simply not a good situation. One of the times where I heard, "Miss Lindsey..." I turn around to see little 6 yr old Mr. Connor walking my way. Hands folded over his chest and he is NOT happy. His teacher tells me he has thrown three fits and he won't listen to her. I kneel to hear his side of the story. Arms folded and words borderline yelling he says, "I hate art. I hate drawing. I hate it!"

We discuss why and he just says he hates it. We talk about how at the club art is one of the things he gets to do. When he goes home he doesn't have to do art at all. All he will have to do at home is eat, sleep, play and do whatever else his mom tells him too. Absolutely NO ART!

Then we talk about what he's suppose to be drawing which was some sort of halloween picture with his family in it. Today he came in wearing a dinosaur hat that was really cute. I suggested he draw that hat and he reminds me, "but it has to have my WHOLE FAMILY in it." Then he gets an idea. "What if I draw my whole family with hats on?" I respond that I thought that would be a great idea! He walks off smiling. I walk by to check on him later and he can't draw his hat on himself so I help out with that. Later in the day he comes to show me his picture and said he made it for me...

I'll spare you the other eventful stories of the day and just share the positive one. Once again, children + no recess = bad, very bad

I'm all for investing in some ponchos and telling them to go play in the rain!

By the way for those I haven't told yet as of Monday, November 1st I'll be starting a new position as the Unit Director of the Boys and Girls Club Benton Unit. Lucy, next time you're over this way I can hook you up with some carpet ball for sure!

Friday, September 24, 2010

Little goes a long way

I volunteered at our local Boys and Girls club this afternoon. I just go in and play with different kiddos at the different games that they have. I played air hockey with several of them for awhile. Then it was time for snack and there was a little guy named Connor. I hadn't even played with him but he came up next to me with his snack and said, "I want to sit with you!"

We went and sat down at a table. Then there were about five others that decided to join us. I felt like I had just walked into a dog pin holding raw meat. These kids were attacking me, with questions! Connor was educating me on how to speak Indian, as in Native American language. Alexis was quizzing me on my ability to speak spanish. Devon wanted to play catch and to know if I knew how this toy football from sonic worked. Then Connor gets on the floor and says, "Look what I can do?" He looks like he's having a seizure on the floor. Turns out this little white kid was break dancing. Silly me! Then Devon decides to join him. Two others then begin singing some song that I don't think was appropriate. But I could not catch all the words due to the noise level. I was educated by Alexis it was just a hip hop song.

All they wanted was my attention. They didn't care how they got it. They would ask questions... Sit in my lap... Tap my arm... Grab my hand... Ask me to play a game... They just wanted someone to make eye contact and carry on a conversation with them. They were starving for attention.

Moral of the story? Got any kiddos in your life? Make time for them. Give them some time where they have your undivided attention. Then see the difference it makes... A little attention will go a long way!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

This day.

Today I found myself at Lowe's, Staples, and Wal-Mart with the secretary of my office and two cute senior adult ladies from her church. Oh the fun! It really was a fun morning with them. My problem came in at Wal-Mart. It is a store that I never go to! Today it's where they wanted to go so I went.

I had to go pee when I got there. So I went.

Remembering the mussings of my friend Lucy about the usage of a public toilet (you should go read here story). I decided against what I had been taught about the fine art of thigh burning hovering to avoid the germs. So, I sat on the toilet seat.

Got up and went to wash my hands. It was in that moment I realized there should be a new invention. My hands didn't feel dirty... However, my butt that went down on that seat dry and came back up less than dry was thinking through how I needed my butt cheeks washed not my hands!

Of course this doesn't even begin to describe what looked to be about a 4 year old on the babies changing table who had messed her diaper. Pretty sure most grown men don't even smell that bad! Whew... Can't wait to get back to Wal-Mart someday soon!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Post Summer

As usual of this time of year... Despite what some of you may think I am still alive! Summer has come and gone. We are still having some weekend retreat groups but no longer the really late hours. Of course more dreaded than the late hours were those ridiculous early mornings.

Summer was good. We had three girl staffers which caused a huge amount of concern for me at first. Girls and the drama are not something I care to deal with at all! Turns out it was pretty drama free this summer believe it or not. They didn't all turn into immediate best friends but they managed to serve together while they were here.

My new house served as a central spot for most everyone around here. The doors stay unlocked so I never knew what I was going to walk into. It was a great blessing to have something available though for everyone. And not gonna lie it was great to have somewhere so wonderful to lay my head down each evening!

We had the normal retreat groups as well as mission teams this year. Between those two different groups we definitely noticed a greatly level of intentionalness across the boards. Most groups were not just taking a trip with people to southeast Tennessee. They were coming with distinct things to teach their group (children, youth and/or adults) about the Lord. Not only that but during their course of being intentional many of the groups took notice of how intentional we run the camp and ministry. One step further than that was how many, many of the groups would thank us on the last day and begin to share how they truly "got it" during their stay. Perhaps they had been saved before but never knew what in the world to do now. But upon departing our gates they had a better understand of what their salvation was about and their roll in continuing to seek the Lord and honor Him with their life. It was those moments that make all other ridiculous moments completely worth it.

Before my school gets started I have been catching up on a little reading. Just finished crazy love by Francis Chan and am in the midst of Forgotten God by him as well. Next on the list is Radical by David Platt. Hoping to have all this read by September 7th when my classes begin again. I don't care who you are but YOU should read crazy love! It was great!

Hopefully, the video I am trying to upload will soon load. This was a hike that the staffers and I went on during their last week here. It was beautiful and the water felt great!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

All I Can Say

I found this song recently and find it rather wonderful.

It defines where most of us live spiritually. In a place that is asking, "God where are?"

Just when you think you can move no further... You have nothing else to give...

You realize just where God is...

Listen carefully when you hear the words, "I didn't know..."


Hebrews 13:5-6

Sunday, April 11, 2010

2nd Bed project

Check out the bed that my sister in law and I built last week for my niece!

Plus a couple of cute pics of the kiddos.

April Texas trip

What is one of my favorite things to do in Texas you might ask?

Riding the 4-wheeler with the nephew and niece would be it!

A family friend has a barn and horses on the property that connects with my parents. Ty knows that Granbob feeds the horses around 4 o'clock. We had gotten the call that he was on his way so we all decided to go to the barn. Ty comes out of the house and tell him to get on the 4 wheeler. He then tells me that Nana says we can't all 3 ride on it. I asked where is Nana? Ty replies that she is on the phone. I told Ty to hurry up and get on the 4-wheeler!

And off we went!

Typically I try to teach him good things but I didn't think any harm would come from us on the 4 wheeler. Later my parents drove by to find we had company. There was 4 of us on the 4-wheeler. Possibly 5 if you count the fact that one of them was pregnant. (No, I was not the pregnant one. Just call me Mary if I am pregnant!)

No, little Ains was not as squished as she appears to be in the picture. She is nestled safely between her big brother and myself!

When Ty was barely big enough to walk and talk I remember coming home and him handing me this puzzle. He loved it! He is a tractor fanatic. Endless hours were spent on my Texas trips putting this silly puzzle together and taking it apart with this sweet kiddo. Well, this trip after a few times of putting it together with him... He puts it together by himself!!! I was impressed.

Just a few more pics of backyard play time at Nana's house.

Love them!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

New Toys

A friend of mine recently started selling Pampered Chef. Another friend and I decided to have her first party. In a slight effort to move things quickly along with my house we booked a party for my house. Requiring the completion or at least kitchen completion of my new house. About a week before the party I finally informed the nice guys building the house...

"By the way guys. I have a Pampered Chef party here next Thursday." That statement was followed by a few faces. Of course they continued to work hard. The Wednesday before the party I still have NO STOVE! Well, I have the stove but not gas tank to make the stove work. We had called lots of people trying to find the right part but couldn't.

So my two builder guys decide they can "make it work."

My only comment was this.

"Please do not blow up my brand new house."

They worked way past the time they normally would to make sure the stove was up and running. I slept a little uneasy that night wondering if the part they took off of a camper was really going to work on my stove. The next day they got the slight gas leak of a smell out of the house and we were ready for Pampered Chef!

The part went great.

Because of that party a few friends booked parties. Below you will see a picture of the hostess discounted gift for the next month. I got a stainless steel set of pots and pans for 60% off. Incredible! It took about a month to get them. But they are amazing!!

Chicken pot pie was the first cooked item and it turned out pretty yummy.

Thanks to another dear friend I also have several stoneware pieces. She bought them years ago and never really liked using them. So I suggested she give them to me because I would use them. And sure enough she did!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

New favorite sound

I wish I could post the sound but that would take more time and effort than I am willing to give at this moment. However, I would like to take a moment to express what this sound is.

It would be the sound of a keyboard being typed on. Then the phone ringing, someone answering it and taking care of the entire phone call. Then of course it is the sound of these words. "I can help clean if you need me to."

Never have I heard such beautiful words!

Okay, maybe I have but right now in life these words and sounds are amazing. The typing is of our new administrative assistant. She is typing at our main computer while I get to do my work on my computer. The one answering the phone would be the admin assistant again while I get to straighten up my office that's been crazy for awhile. Once again the one offering to help clean is the admin assistant. She works from 1-5 Monday - Friday. She is totally willing and already has come in a few mornings just to volunteer to help clean!

AMAZING! That's the best word I have now to describe the current situation.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

feeling like mom

I always laugh in moments where I begin to feel like my mom. Not that that is a bad thing. But it is in those moments that the reality of growing up really kicks in. Tonight I am having one of those moments.

Three of our staffers from last summer are coming into town tonight! All day I have been anxious of their arrival and concerned for their travels. Now I know what my mom feels like! So glad to get to hear what God is doing in their lives!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Loft completion pictures

The beds have made it to the boys room. They like them!

Each bed has a hook for their coat and a hook for their cape they got for Christmas.

All stuffed animals fit nicely on their top shelves.

Align Center

The desk can either be folded up to make more room to play or can be put down to actually use. They each have a nice lap and chair to use at their desk.

This was definitely a fun and worthwhile project. Thanks to my sister in law I am now hooked on a new blog. I say hooked. Don't have lots of time or resources to be completely hooked but I hope to start a new project pretty soon. Perhaps not as extensive as the beds.

Friday, February 19, 2010

This Weekend

No need to write the same blog twice.
Check out our camp blog above for my weekend happenings.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Standard vs Automatic

New Car is a standard. Old cars have ALL been automatic.

Recently I learned to drive a standard but still mostly drove an automatic. Today it was potentially icey outside so I drove my friend and her kiddos van to church. Normally we just all ride together but she drives. I drove though because I have been driving on the ice with not much of a problem.

We get to the bottom of her hill/driveway and I press the first pedal I can reach from the LEFT side. Because that's what you do when you're driving a standard. When you come to stop you have to press the first pedal to the left or the car dies.

Guess what pedal that is from the left side in an AUTOMATIC? Yes, it is the brake. Guess what my left foot thought it was? The clutch!


Everyone gets SLAMMED FORWARD!

Oops. My response. "Sorry, there's no clutch in this car."

Just about gave us all whiplash. Other than that driving a standard has been fine!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Fall of man

Two post in one evening. Lucy, I know don't fall out of your chair. You might hurt sweet Carson!

I have been doing lots of school this evening. Well, I say lots. It has felt like lots but it probably has not been lots just a normal amount. Beside the point.

The fall of man. Sin. That's what has been the topic. Isn't that just everyone's favorite topic?! SIN. Yes, whether you realize it or not you do sin. It's ugly. Very ugly. No matter how big or small they appear in your eyes they are all felt by God.

Whew... That'll make you feel like crap real quick, huh?

Well, feeling "guilty" is not a feeling I am trying to push on anyone. Considering the way we use the word guilt today and the ways the word guilt was used in scripture are completely different. That's another post for another day.

Here's a picture of the what the fall of man looks like in real life.

Currently, my life looks like this.

Brand spanking new amazing house!
Friends and family who love me dearly.
A job I enjoy (most of the time)
Finances to provide for my needs and most wants.
Ability to further my education in something I enjoy.

The list of goodness could keep going. Then I have days like yesterday.

All I could think about yesterday was wanting to be married. Nothing else would go through my mind other than that one thought of marriage and children. It ruined the day. My heart coveted after one simple thing God has not given me yet. DESPITE the incredible list of things God is providing. I chose to weep over one thing I don't have.

That folks in its rarest form is the fall of man.

Eve chose to eat of the fruit she was directly told not too. Why? Because she thought she knew better than God. She thought God was holding out on her. She saw it and it looked alright. She made her own choice apart from trusting in God to have her best interest in mind.

Eve did it then and we do it now. Doesn't make it right just makes it what it is. The fall of man. Praise God for His grace that draws us back every so lovingly. Despite our consistent frustration with what God is giving or better yet what God is not giving.

Today was a new day.

"Because of the Lord's great love we are not consumed, for his compassions never fail. They are new every morning; great is your faithfulness. I say to myself, 'The Lord is my portion; therefore I will wait for him."
Lamentations 3:22-24

Car shopping

Car shopping. Due to some mechanical issues with my current car I needed to get another one. I did not think this would be too difficult. A good friend of mine took me in as one of his kids to make sure I saw lots of different cars and didn't get taken advantage of. Over the past month I have driven a million cars. Okay, maybe not a million but a bunch!

The question you first hear when you go to a car lot...

What are you looking for!

*Please disregard if you find this analogy insensitive as it is not written with an insensitive spirit.

That question to me (What are you looking for?) is much like asking Stevie Wonder what's your favorite color? He's blind does he really have one?

I had absolutely, positively NOOOOOOOOO IDEA!!! What I was looking for.

I knew what I wanted.

1. Cheap (used or new)
2. carries lots of people and stuff
3. good APR
4. good gas mileage
5. good ground clearance
6. good ratings
7. warranty of some sort


1. nothing is cheap.
2. in order to carry people and stuff you sacrifice MPG
3. APR's were all different
4. ground clearance again involves the mileage issue. higher off the ground worse the mileage.
5. ratings are subjective
6. warranties cost more money!

Stupid car shopping.

That's what I went to bed thinking almost nightly for a month.

Keep in mind it's WINTER!



This is what I went car shopping in. The most comical was perhaps this past weekend where we did drive through car shopping. We would see a car. Go park next to it and wait until the salesman came out so I could simply ask questions while sitting in the car rather than standing in the cold asking questions.

I decided it was enough. Found one last Saturday I liked. Went today and drove it home. Pretty excited I have this task complete! Sure do hate to make big decisions like this but I do not want to vomit yet and I purchased the car around 3:30 this afternoon so this is a good sign. Immediate vomiting urges after major decisions are never good.

The look of my new car is not the purdiest car in the world. Makes me think of a little movie clip. I can get 70 miles to the gallon on this hog.

It's functional and meets most of my odd set of criteria. Good price. Good APR. Holds 4 adults pretty comfy. Lots cargo space. Good gas mileage.

Meet my new to me car 2007 HHR!

Monday, February 8, 2010

Craft time

About a month or so ago I had a couple of little boys very seriously tell me something on the way to church. "Miss Lindsey, we need a bunk bed for our room." Then we discussed it for a minute since they had one but they got tired of it. Plus it was falling apart. They decided they wanted another one. I said okay I would see what I could do.

I started looking on craigslist to see what I could find used. Then I had an idea.

What about a loft bed?

Turns out those are more costly than just a bunk bed.

Of course by this time I am convinced that these boys NEED loft beds.

How do you pay for something you can't completely afford?

You make it!

That's what I decided. Found a place online where I could order plans plus four post and bolts that would be needed for the project. Placed the order than I called for backup.

While building my house I learned to do a few things in the woodworking area but not near enough to accomplish this task alone.

It's been over a month now and the beds are still not completely complete! I am drawing close to what I called the, "I'm over it" phase. I got one of the beds stained tonight but will have to do a little more on it tomorrow. Plus I still have another whole bed to stain. Tomorrow I will let the boys see them for the first time. Can't wait to see their reactions. Hopefully they like them!

Enjoy the pictures below!

Desk and shelf

Desk goes up to allow more room for play!

Looks a little purple in the picture but is really blue!

Second bed still left to stain!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

I got up early this morning to work on school work. It's the first major day of sit down scholastic of the semester. Last friday night I worked for a few hours but today was the big day to get the semester organized. During that time I...

...called AT&T to let them know my internet connection sucked. They sent a repair tech and it's working good now.

...called the local trader newspaper to list my car for sale.

...researched new or new to me cars to possibly purchase.
...fine tuned my shopping list for the afternoon of getting parts for my new project (loft bed).

...hung curtains in my bedroom.

...Are you noticing a pattern here?

What you see described above is full blown overwhelmedness.

I went to town this afternoon and upon arriving home this evening I decided I was going to get serious and not be overwhelmed and get something accomplished. Since arriving home I have...

...chatted on facebook with best friend in Texas.

...called my big brother to find he was still at work.

...skyped with my mom for the first time.

...watched a new episode of NCIS.

...last but not least - blogged about my lack of scholastic motivation.

At least with all of these events I did have one of my school books sitting in my lap. Surely that must count for something. I started in the early hours of morning and now we're getting into the late hours of the evening. Where does time go?

Sunday, January 24, 2010


What does such a time as 11:59pm represent? Well, it's like the new scholastic curfew. I have two online course and one on campus course this semester. Sunday night at 11:59pm is when class is officially over for the week. For the most part.

Friday afternoon I realized that at 11:59pm on Friday is one part of one class is over. Then you have until 11:59pm Sunday to complete a second part. Why does one class have two parts? I have no idea. So, Friday evening I was a little thrown off by this slight kink in my plans.

If you ever wonder what I'm doing Sunday night near the 11:59pm you can probably take one wild guess and be correct. Tonight I finished by 11pm so I'm doing good. There's probably some speculation out there that some of my procrastination tendencies would have changed since I am studying the Bible which I happen to enjoy. While I do enjoy studying the Word, doing an assignment is not study to me. Therefore, procrastination is in full force!

oh well... Better late then never.

Or as my famous line from college goes

Procrastination = deadline driven

Saturday, January 23, 2010

The House!

Below are the promised pics of the house you can obviously tell I am living in now. Just look for the stuff everywhere! The house is great! Double click on the video for it to take you to youtube so you can see the whole picture. For some reason it is cutting off the picture in the blog.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Lesson Learned

Do you know why you should never eat chocolate pudding out of a cup?

You can't lick it clean.

Photos compliments of the camera on my new computer.

Still hoping to take pictures of my house tomorrow for folks to see. As well as a couple of birthday presents I am working on for some sweet kiddos I know.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Nothing major

No pictures. At this very moment I think my camera is at my office. Or atleast that's where it was last time I used it last week.

Tonight you will find me sitting in my near completed house! Really, a real house! Walls, toilet, shower, bed (on a bed frame) the whole nine yards. I would say ten yards if I had a stove to cook on. That's a work in progress. Perhaps I will have a functioning stove by tomorrow. That would be great considering I have a pampered chef party tomorrow evening!

A friend is starting to sell it so another friend of mine and I are co-hosting a party. Should be fun.

Currently in the house I have my major furniture. Including a great new TV and electric fireplace I got for Christmas! With that tv I have it hooked up to rabbit ears and can actually get FIVE channels! It's pretty amazing for someone who hasn't had any channels in a few years.
I got the internet hooked up last week at the house as well since I started my online seminary classes today. Pretty sure I don't need more than five channels to distract from what I need to be doing.

Not going to lie but I probably won't have pictures on here until Saturday but I do hope to have them by the weekend. My house really does look great!

If you're ever in the area swing by and check it out.