Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Full Story

I had no idea the Lord's intentions by opening up the opportunity at the Boys and Girls Club this past fall. There was an assurance that it indeed was something He desired for me to do, so I took the job. I experienced a array of possibilities in seven months.

In April I felt that I had done what I needed to and should finish the job on April 28th. That thought confused me for awhile because it was a good job, a real pay check, real adult insurance, ministry to children, and I enjoyed it (for the most part). Then the Lord reminded me He had always been faithful in providing for me and would continue to do so. It also became apparent that I was not getting the one on one counseling time I wanted to get with the children. On March 29th I informed my boss that April 28th would be my last day. He said he would reluctantly take my resignation.

As April 28th drew near I had a better understanding. While the Lord allowed me to interact with children. While He showed me I can do more than I ever realized I could. While He taught me that it's okay to fail at something. He also used me to insanely organize the entire Boys & Girls Club.

Every single article in that facility was inventoried by a local college volunteer group. No stone was left unturned! Rules were posted on the walls. Schedules were created to try and adhere too. The front desk stayed clean, day in and day out. Cubbies were built to keep the children's things safe and organized. I got an email at the beginning on March that stated our facility had to be DOE (Department of Education) certified by the beginning of June. The organizational stuff is what is required for such certification. Ooohhhh... I understood it better at that moment. Getting it straightened up was what I needed to do. Getting to connect with the children was what I got to do.

That made it easier to walk away from. Since April 28th we've had two different groups at Camp. I have traveled to North Mississippi to move a friend out of her college dorm. Tonight was the first night I have been home while the sun was still out!

April 28th was also the day I finished up my school. Praise the Lord! Not only did I finish for the semester. I finished for my lifetime! Grades are in and I officially have a Master's in Biblical Counseling. In the past week I have read two books that I got to choose!

Summertime is fast approaching. Summer missionaries will be here May 23rd. Let the good times keep rollin'.