Sunday, October 31, 2010

Boys and Girls Explanation

About two months ago I began praying about my fall time. We do still have plenty of camp work that needs to be taken care but I typically also have more flexible time at work to do different things. During this specific day I thought of several local ministry sites that I should be more intentional about spending time with them (Boys & Girls club, Angel Wing's Daycare, Copper Basin Crisis Center). Another thought I also had was about wanting to be around more people with the intent to share Christ with. I had the idea to do this and earn some extra money I could substitute teach a couple of days a week.

More than anything I was desiring something that took me beyond my comfort zone. I had just finished reading Crazy Love and Forgotten God and Radical . I went on a crazy reading binge after summer and before my school got started. All these books were great reminders that the Gospel is true and it is real. And I do have a responsibility to daily live that Gospel out in my life before a lost a dying world. Even if it's uncomfortable and inconvenient. They all also had the note of challenge to them. Not just feel good books about how we should love Jesus more. They called their readers to make some choices.

All that lead me to be praying for my fall and how to be intentional. That was Sat - Monday. Monday evening at 5 I get a phone call from the lady who was the director at the club. I told her I had been thinking about her so it was funny that she should call. She said she thought she knew why I had been thinking of her. I explained that I wanted to spend more time there this fall spring truly investing in the kids. She just begins to laugh. She said well that's funny. I am resigning and want you to take my position as the director.

I just sat there. I said that's a little more involvement then I had in mind. However, I will pray about it for a few days. We talked for a minute and then we got of the phone. I just sat there for awhile thinking what in the world?

I spent some time praying about it and asking God if this was His idea of moving me beyond my comfort zone and how I had intended to take some small steps this fall and perhaps bigger ones next spring. Then I called a few friends to tell them of the situation and ask for their thoughts and prayers.

That Friday I was leaving town so I told her I'd try to have an answer.

I freaked out basically for 3 days. What in the world? How does that and camp work? How do you run a boys and girls club? And of course a MILLION OTHER QUESTIONS floated in my head for several days. I went that next day to interact with the kids to get a feel for what God might be doing. I knew when I left that day this job would be fulfilling the prayers I had. These kids come from junk. Pure and simple JUNK. There home lives are not what they should be. They lack the adult love and encouragement that every kid needs and should have.

I got in my car pretty much just cried on the drive home. This is an opportunity the Lord had provided but it scared me to death. Over the next few days I continued to pray just to make sure I was understanding things right... I went back to see the kids on Wednesday as well. Again I left with complete brokenness for their little lives.

At this point I still had no idea how to run a club but I called the director on Thursday, which was a day earlier than she had thought. With hesitation and part confusion I told her I had no idea how it was going to work but I was suppose to take the job. She got way excited! When she asked me to do it she said that they had someone else they wanted to bring in from Cleveland but she told them she didn't want anyone from Cleveland. In the best interest of the club and the kids it should be someone from Benton. She said as she thought about it I was the person she kept thinking about as someone who would care as much about the kids as she does.

Well, it's been a crazy unorganized process filled with lots of moments of me thinking perhaps I made the wrong decision, but I start Monday, November 1st.

No, I still don't know how to run a Boys and Girls Club.

No, I still don't know how this will work out perfectly with Camp.

Yes, I have fallen completely for the kids!

I trust the Lord will show me the rest as I need to understand it.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

I hate art!

Today at the Boys and Girls Club I heard my name called a lot. The kiddos had no recess at school and no outside time at the club. That is simply not a good situation. One of the times where I heard, "Miss Lindsey..." I turn around to see little 6 yr old Mr. Connor walking my way. Hands folded over his chest and he is NOT happy. His teacher tells me he has thrown three fits and he won't listen to her. I kneel to hear his side of the story. Arms folded and words borderline yelling he says, "I hate art. I hate drawing. I hate it!"

We discuss why and he just says he hates it. We talk about how at the club art is one of the things he gets to do. When he goes home he doesn't have to do art at all. All he will have to do at home is eat, sleep, play and do whatever else his mom tells him too. Absolutely NO ART!

Then we talk about what he's suppose to be drawing which was some sort of halloween picture with his family in it. Today he came in wearing a dinosaur hat that was really cute. I suggested he draw that hat and he reminds me, "but it has to have my WHOLE FAMILY in it." Then he gets an idea. "What if I draw my whole family with hats on?" I respond that I thought that would be a great idea! He walks off smiling. I walk by to check on him later and he can't draw his hat on himself so I help out with that. Later in the day he comes to show me his picture and said he made it for me...

I'll spare you the other eventful stories of the day and just share the positive one. Once again, children + no recess = bad, very bad

I'm all for investing in some ponchos and telling them to go play in the rain!

By the way for those I haven't told yet as of Monday, November 1st I'll be starting a new position as the Unit Director of the Boys and Girls Club Benton Unit. Lucy, next time you're over this way I can hook you up with some carpet ball for sure!