Tuesday, January 26, 2010

I got up early this morning to work on school work. It's the first major day of sit down scholastic of the semester. Last friday night I worked for a few hours but today was the big day to get the semester organized. During that time I...

...called AT&T to let them know my internet connection sucked. They sent a repair tech and it's working good now.

...called the local trader newspaper to list my car for sale.

...researched new or new to me cars to possibly purchase.
...fine tuned my shopping list for the afternoon of getting parts for my new project (loft bed).

...hung curtains in my bedroom.

...Are you noticing a pattern here?

What you see described above is full blown overwhelmedness.

I went to town this afternoon and upon arriving home this evening I decided I was going to get serious and not be overwhelmed and get something accomplished. Since arriving home I have...

...chatted on facebook with best friend in Texas.

...called my big brother to find he was still at work.

...skyped with my mom for the first time.

...watched a new episode of NCIS.

...last but not least - blogged about my lack of scholastic motivation.

At least with all of these events I did have one of my school books sitting in my lap. Surely that must count for something. I started in the early hours of morning and now we're getting into the late hours of the evening. Where does time go?

Sunday, January 24, 2010


What does such a time as 11:59pm represent? Well, it's like the new scholastic curfew. I have two online course and one on campus course this semester. Sunday night at 11:59pm is when class is officially over for the week. For the most part.

Friday afternoon I realized that at 11:59pm on Friday is one part of one class is over. Then you have until 11:59pm Sunday to complete a second part. Why does one class have two parts? I have no idea. So, Friday evening I was a little thrown off by this slight kink in my plans.

If you ever wonder what I'm doing Sunday night near the 11:59pm you can probably take one wild guess and be correct. Tonight I finished by 11pm so I'm doing good. There's probably some speculation out there that some of my procrastination tendencies would have changed since I am studying the Bible which I happen to enjoy. While I do enjoy studying the Word, doing an assignment is not study to me. Therefore, procrastination is in full force!

oh well... Better late then never.

Or as my famous line from college goes

Procrastination = deadline driven

Saturday, January 23, 2010

The House!

Below are the promised pics of the house you can obviously tell I am living in now. Just look for the stuff everywhere! The house is great! Double click on the video for it to take you to youtube so you can see the whole picture. For some reason it is cutting off the picture in the blog.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Lesson Learned

Do you know why you should never eat chocolate pudding out of a cup?

You can't lick it clean.

Photos compliments of the camera on my new computer.

Still hoping to take pictures of my house tomorrow for folks to see. As well as a couple of birthday presents I am working on for some sweet kiddos I know.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Nothing major

No pictures. At this very moment I think my camera is at my office. Or atleast that's where it was last time I used it last week.

Tonight you will find me sitting in my near completed house! Really, a real house! Walls, toilet, shower, bed (on a bed frame) the whole nine yards. I would say ten yards if I had a stove to cook on. That's a work in progress. Perhaps I will have a functioning stove by tomorrow. That would be great considering I have a pampered chef party tomorrow evening!

A friend is starting to sell it so another friend of mine and I are co-hosting a party. Should be fun.

Currently in the house I have my major furniture. Including a great new TV and electric fireplace I got for Christmas! With that tv I have it hooked up to rabbit ears and can actually get FIVE channels! It's pretty amazing for someone who hasn't had any channels in a few years.
I got the internet hooked up last week at the house as well since I started my online seminary classes today. Pretty sure I don't need more than five channels to distract from what I need to be doing.

Not going to lie but I probably won't have pictures on here until Saturday but I do hope to have them by the weekend. My house really does look great!

If you're ever in the area swing by and check it out.