Monday, January 18, 2010

Nothing major

No pictures. At this very moment I think my camera is at my office. Or atleast that's where it was last time I used it last week.

Tonight you will find me sitting in my near completed house! Really, a real house! Walls, toilet, shower, bed (on a bed frame) the whole nine yards. I would say ten yards if I had a stove to cook on. That's a work in progress. Perhaps I will have a functioning stove by tomorrow. That would be great considering I have a pampered chef party tomorrow evening!

A friend is starting to sell it so another friend of mine and I are co-hosting a party. Should be fun.

Currently in the house I have my major furniture. Including a great new TV and electric fireplace I got for Christmas! With that tv I have it hooked up to rabbit ears and can actually get FIVE channels! It's pretty amazing for someone who hasn't had any channels in a few years.
I got the internet hooked up last week at the house as well since I started my online seminary classes today. Pretty sure I don't need more than five channels to distract from what I need to be doing.

Not going to lie but I probably won't have pictures on here until Saturday but I do hope to have them by the weekend. My house really does look great!

If you're ever in the area swing by and check it out.


Lucy said...

A few things: First of all, yay for an almost finished house! It sounds like it's going to be nice. Secondly, I heart Pampered Chef. And lastly, five free channels trumps 100 worthless and expensive cable ones.

down by the river said...

The house really is great! I am contemplating taking out a small loan to load up on Pampered Chef... The five channels are great! I am awaiting a cable that will let me hook up my computer to my TV which means I get lots of tv shows!