Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Hmmm... That's not good.

If there is one particular phrase I have heard over and over since the construction on my new house began six months ago it would be this.

Hmm... That's not good. Or Hmm... That ain't right. Hmm... is the bad news indicator! It's a dead give away to the fact that something has been messed up. Yesterday afternoon Mike went to turn on the bathtub which he thought was working. Only to find NO water coming out. What did I hear? Hmm... I cut him off before he can finish and asked what now? He replies there's no water coming out. But he'll fix it tomorrow. Sure enough this was one of those he could and did fix today.

No pictures but I do have a toilet that flushes. When the water is turned on. It's getting close. Yet, it's still a ways away from moving in.

Wall colors. I picked out what I thought were great colors with the help of more artistic people. We had been working long hours on the house for a couple of weeks. On top of my normal job and school work at night. I was exhausted. We had been sanding sheet rock for two days now it's time to paint. Ceiling paint goes up first. Mike begins to spray. Stops and what do I hear? Yep, Hmm... This time it was followed by "you might want to come look at this." Celing looked similar to post it note yellow. Not the lovely shade of cream I had picked out. No tears, yet. A little investigation shows that they mixed the wrong paint for us. Mike assures me it's no big deal we can go the next morning to get the right color. We went ahead and finisehd spraying out the whole ceiling in the wrong color so it had an even coat on it.

Then it's wall time.

Mike begins to spray and I hear his machine turn off. This time the Hmm... is skipped all together. I simply hear, "Lindsey (followed by silence)." I walk back to my room where he started and literally. Not joking. It looks like someone has melted Hershey chocolate bars and has smeared them on my walls. (Don't forget we have exhaustion, post it note yellow ceilings and now chocolate candy bar walls.) The eyes begin to water up at this point. I said that's not the color I picked out. Optimistic Mike says maybe it will dry lighter. He finishes spraying the whole house and go behind him and roll it. He assures me we can buy new paint if I hate it.

Mike leaves for the day. I cry. Lots.

Call my mom to explain the awful situation. She too assures me to just go buy new paint. Got off the phone with her and went home for the evening. While we were getting dinner plates my friends ask me about the paint. Tears almost came rushing out again. All I could say was the ceiling color is wrong and I hate the walls.

The next day was Thanksgiving and I didn't go back until that night. They weren't that awful anymore. Note to self... Never panic over paint until 24 hours later. They were still a little dark but not too bad. Needed a second coat so I decided to go ONE shade. Barely even notice a difference lighter.

Mike begins to spray. Machine turns off. All I can think is YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME WHAT NOW? This looks like an off white! Mike said what do you want me to do? I said spray the house it's going to be my new favorite color! Ended up not being too bad. I think I liked the darker better but they still look fine.

That's the latest on the house situation. Hope you enjoy the pictures!

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Anonymous said...

I absolutely LOVE everything about your house!!!!!!! I can't wait to see it. I am so happy for you. Tell Mike, James and everyone else that everyone in Texas says thanks.
Love you,

Eric Brown said...

Hmmm... God has blessed you with an awesome house!