Tuesday, March 23, 2010

New Toys

A friend of mine recently started selling Pampered Chef. Another friend and I decided to have her first party. In a slight effort to move things quickly along with my house we booked a party for my house. Requiring the completion or at least kitchen completion of my new house. About a week before the party I finally informed the nice guys building the house...

"By the way guys. I have a Pampered Chef party here next Thursday." That statement was followed by a few faces. Of course they continued to work hard. The Wednesday before the party I still have NO STOVE! Well, I have the stove but not gas tank to make the stove work. We had called lots of people trying to find the right part but couldn't.

So my two builder guys decide they can "make it work."

My only comment was this.

"Please do not blow up my brand new house."

They worked way past the time they normally would to make sure the stove was up and running. I slept a little uneasy that night wondering if the part they took off of a camper was really going to work on my stove. The next day they got the slight gas leak of a smell out of the house and we were ready for Pampered Chef!

The part went great.

Because of that party a few friends booked parties. Below you will see a picture of the hostess discounted gift for the next month. I got a stainless steel set of pots and pans for 60% off. Incredible! It took about a month to get them. But they are amazing!!

Chicken pot pie was the first cooked item and it turned out pretty yummy.

Thanks to another dear friend I also have several stoneware pieces. She bought them years ago and never really liked using them. So I suggested she give them to me because I would use them. And sure enough she did!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

New favorite sound

I wish I could post the sound but that would take more time and effort than I am willing to give at this moment. However, I would like to take a moment to express what this sound is.

It would be the sound of a keyboard being typed on. Then the phone ringing, someone answering it and taking care of the entire phone call. Then of course it is the sound of these words. "I can help clean if you need me to."

Never have I heard such beautiful words!

Okay, maybe I have but right now in life these words and sounds are amazing. The typing is of our new administrative assistant. She is typing at our main computer while I get to do my work on my computer. The one answering the phone would be the admin assistant again while I get to straighten up my office that's been crazy for awhile. Once again the one offering to help clean is the admin assistant. She works from 1-5 Monday - Friday. She is totally willing and already has come in a few mornings just to volunteer to help clean!

AMAZING! That's the best word I have now to describe the current situation.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

feeling like mom

I always laugh in moments where I begin to feel like my mom. Not that that is a bad thing. But it is in those moments that the reality of growing up really kicks in. Tonight I am having one of those moments.

Three of our staffers from last summer are coming into town tonight! All day I have been anxious of their arrival and concerned for their travels. Now I know what my mom feels like! So glad to get to hear what God is doing in their lives!