Tuesday, March 25, 2008


Went shopping for the sofa today and came home with it today. They had a deal running where you could bring in canned food for $100 off. Then they told me when I got there that the price I was given the other day when I first looked at them was for the price of a regular sofa and not the sleeper one. So I told them I'd prefer to have it at that price and not the higher one since that's what I was quoted. And it worked!

It's the perfect shade of red! I love it!

Monday, March 24, 2008

New pictures!

Here's some pics of the new place. I've slept here for 2 nights and already rearranged furniture once. :) Needless to say this is not the finished product by any means. I still don't have hardly any clothes, bathroom or kitchen stuff in here yet. I hope to get some of that done this week. All my kitchen stuff is still just out on the counter tops. Due to a gracious couple I'm going to go buy a brand new couch tomorrow! I'm going to order a new bedspread that I've found on sale with some other money I have been blessed with. I'm going to get a big one so it will hang to the floor and all my under the bed junk will be hidden.

My folks and Ty are coming to visit the middle of next month and will be bringing me a few more things so I'm serious when I say this is only the beginning for this place. I don't even have a picture hung on the wall yet. Stay tuned in the days to come for more pictures.

My church here in Tennessee threw me a surprise housewarming shower! It was awesome. I also got enough cash to go buy a wardrobe to be my closet. I found this one at an antique store and I LOVE IT!

My bedroom. With the world's cutest wardrobe!

Extra beds! I've always wanted bunkbeds!

Living room/ extra sleeping space too. My new couch is going to have a sleeper in it! 

Random space. Check out the cool beam pillar thing. That use to be a round pole but they built it to look like a column. 

Check out the green door! And my cute kitchen table. and the cute KITCHEN! I have a full fridge and gas stove (which is awesome to cook on). The door you sort of see is the door to the bathroom. Nothing spectacular going on in there. The brand of toilet is a jacuzzi so the big joke is that they put me a jacuzzi in my new house. It works great, one foot at a time! :) I'll take some pictures of it later once I get more than a toilet and a sink. 

Well, there you have it folks. This is where I'll be living until the Lord says otherwise! You're welcome to swing by for a visit anytime. I've got lots of extra sleeping space if you'd like to stay for a longer visit. I'll do my best to keep new pictures coming as I get things more in order.

So sorry!

I know I need new pics! I just haven't gotten around to doing that just yet. This week I promise to have something online for all to see. I'm living in the apartment! Woo-hoo! Well sort of anyways. I'm sleeping there. Still don't have all my stuff moved in but i have a bed and that's the major thing. Hopefully this week I'll get the rest of the the things moved in.

So check back in a few days for hopefully some pictures!

Friday, March 7, 2008

Final post today

Sorry, I know three post in one day is a little excessive. I just haven't been able to keep up with these things lately.

Here's the major post of the day. Today I leave for Pigeon Forge to go to a biblical counseling conference tonight and tomorrow. Then it starts again on Monday and goes through Wednesday. I've had to read a couple of books to prepare and I've really enjoyed what I've read. I love the whole idea and concept of counseling. It's a huge desire God has placed inside me. I'm asking you to please pray for these next few days. Pray that God might give me a glimpse of why I had to take this training. Pray for my mind as I have to sit through a classroom setting. That's not my most intune times. I struggle a bit with just sitting. I'm sure wonderful people like Seiring and Weatherly might disagree with the words a bit... But anyways...

I'm looking forward to taking it. My boss will be taking the courses as well so I can't help but think God's going to use this in an even greater way then He already does through my job. I help run a camp... What does that have to do with counseling? Well, you'd be surprised how people's defense drop when they're at camp. Or how I get to just meet people where they are on ministry sites. People that just need to talk and be heard. People that are needed direction towards something. Both people who believe in the Lord and those that do not. The counseling my boss and I get to do is at a pretty high rate.

Well, I'll say farewell for now. you've got 2 other post to check out and I've got to get on the road. Thanks for your prayers!


Think link above goes to the page of the folks I'll be taking the conference from. Check it out if you have time.

Hope everyone has a great weekend!

Busy few weeks...

Nana was getting ready to loud up the gator to take to Mimi and Pa's house so Ty could do some hard work there!  Somehow the little guy got distracted with the umbrella and thought it was really cool how it just popped open really fast.  He's a mess.  I personally love his boots and hat!  
He's backing up his Escalade to which you either have to continually say "Come on back!" or you have to say "beep, beep, beep" like EdEd's truck beeps when he has to go back.  Often times you have to say both.  He backs up his little cars and tractors like he's a 50 yr old man who's been doing it all his life!  

Ty with his Oncor trucks.  His EdEd works for Oncor.

Evelyn's baby comes into this world around April 28.  
She's having a little boy!

I'm not sure why the apartment post wouldn't put the words where I wanted but it wouldn't.  I don't have time to try and fix it so hopefully you can gather from the pictures what I was talking about.  

The past couple weeks have started our busy time around here.  I did get to make a trip to Texas to go see one of my dear friends who's having a BABY!  doesn't seem possible.  

I also got to spend lots of time with my family and of course play with the world's cutest nephew! They found out the the world's cutest niece named Ainsley Grace Williams (or atleast they're pretty sure that's what they're naming her) will be entering into 7:30 am unless she decides otherwise.  Sara, sister in law, had to have an emergency C-section with Ty so they've already just scheduled the c-section with this one.  

Sara has developed a hernia that's giving her some trouble so please keep them all in your prayers as they await their new baby then enter into the world of no sleep with a new born!  

Our calendars at work show we'll have company at camp for the next 21 weeks as of now except for one weekend in March.  Of course our dates will just continue to fill up as time rolls on.  My parents and Ty will hopefully be able to make a trip out here that one weekend we don't have anyone to visit and bring a few things for my apartment.  I look forward to that visit!

Apartment update! :)

Here's the latest and greatest on my apartment!  The floors have been laid.  The walls have been painted.  The cabinets are in the process of being put in and the trim work was painted this morning.  

Where's the color?  Many of you might be asking...  Well, I loved the colors I picked out but as I prayed about them for some reason the Lord just kept telling me to keep it simple for right now.  So...  the walls are an off white sort of color and the ceiling and trim are white.  My front door and window in the kitchen will be the shade of green that I picked out.  

I think perhaps I needed to go simple for now for 2 reasons.  The first one being that it would've taken MUCH longer to paint had I done the colors.  This whole place was basically painted in a day with a big sprayer thing.  And also I think it was partly financial.  The paint used was given to us there was nothing wrong with it.  Just not my first preference.  It's growing on me though.  Maybe little by little I'll be able to add a little more color.  Right now I'm just excited I'll be moving in soon!

The cabinet that's not in the kitchen belongs in the bathroom.  It's a 4ft long cabinet it's huge!  James, a man from my church was trying to redo an older cabinet to use in there.  When he asked if I wanted it stained or painted I said I preferred stained to match the kitchen ones.  

He tried and tried and apparently couldn't get it light enough to match and he was so frustrated with it and didn't want something in my apartment that didn't look nice that he and his wife went and bought me this new cabinet! 

Isn't that amazing!  He was worried about me not having enough storage in the bathroom so he bought the biggest cabinet that could possibly fit in that space.  

My fridge will go on the left next to the air intake.  My stove will go on the right at the end of those cabinets.  
Supposedly, I should be able to start moving stuff in by the end of next week!!