Sunday, February 14, 2010

Standard vs Automatic

New Car is a standard. Old cars have ALL been automatic.

Recently I learned to drive a standard but still mostly drove an automatic. Today it was potentially icey outside so I drove my friend and her kiddos van to church. Normally we just all ride together but she drives. I drove though because I have been driving on the ice with not much of a problem.

We get to the bottom of her hill/driveway and I press the first pedal I can reach from the LEFT side. Because that's what you do when you're driving a standard. When you come to stop you have to press the first pedal to the left or the car dies.

Guess what pedal that is from the left side in an AUTOMATIC? Yes, it is the brake. Guess what my left foot thought it was? The clutch!


Everyone gets SLAMMED FORWARD!

Oops. My response. "Sorry, there's no clutch in this car."

Just about gave us all whiplash. Other than that driving a standard has been fine!

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