Saturday, February 28, 2009

Moment of Worship

Today I was blessed with the opportunity to lead a couple of "worship" sessions for a women's conference at my church. When you lack much musical ability you have to find creative things such as the videos to lead worship times. 

My viewpoint with worship is that if something causes you to think towards the Lord it's a moment of worship. Today's theme for worship was LOVE. I actually only got to use the Father's Love Letter that's about 10 minutes long. I do encourage the next time you have about 15 minutes to burn ask yourself this one question.

Does God love you?

Now ask it in this form.  Honestly, ask yourself this question.

Does God love me?  Think on that question for a moment.  

Then watch each of these videos to find that answer.

May you have a time of worship as God answers the question of His love for you...

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