Sunday, February 1, 2009

Being helpful...

Today, I decided to help my friends clean out their chimney from their wooden stove.  You have to actually move the stove to get it all situation right.  The stove being a huge hunk of...  Well, I'm not sure what but something metal and really, really heavy!  Due to my youthful training I still have a physique that is capable of lifting heavy things on occasion.  Today was one of those occasions I decide to be a friendly neighbor and help them out.  

You have to empty the ashes from the stove into this little box underneath.  When that fills up you take it outside and empty it.  Obviously you have to wait until they've cooled off and things of that nature.  While my friend was adjusting the chimney I asked if I could take the ashes out.  He says sure go put it by the oak tree out in the middle of the yard.  

I nod ok and head out the door.  

(Ummm...  No, I don't actually know what an oak tree looks like.  I thought maybe I could figure it out by deductive reasoning or something.  I mean that's how I graduated from high school and college.  Surely it would work now to find a certain tree.)


I was smart enough to first notice which way the wind was blowing.  And dumped the ashes so they didn't cover me!  (I was pretty proud of that decision)  I dump the ashes that were still just a LITTLE bit warm to the touch.  Not HOT or anything.  I walk back inside the house.  

All the sudden the cute 7 year old standing on the couch looking out the front window with a huge grin on his face says, 

"Wow Ms. Lindsey you made a FIRE."

Normally, with these type comments I just ignore it assuming there is some exaggeration going on.  This time seemed a little different.  He looked serious.  I immediately open the door and look out in the front yard...



My response?


  Literally, the yard was on fire!!  

The yard just in front of their house.  


Not just any yard but the yard COVERED IN LEAVES.  
Dead leaves.
Leaves that catch on fire GREAT!

Chris grabs a rake off the porch to assess the situation in the yard...

Twelve year old Christopher goes running outside screaming, "COOL FIRE!"

Chris kept his cool and decided to let it burn off a portion of the leaves.  He said it might even help grass grow in that area better next year.  

The boys played around it for awhile thinking it was really cool.

Susan, their daughter, stayed on the porch suggesting we put it out immediately!  

I just stood there thinking I almost caught their house on fire!  

As I was standing around making sure things didn't get out of hand I noticed this tree in the middle of the yard that had NO LEAVES around it.   Nothing but dirt.  Deductive skills at that moment realized...  You guessed it.  Ohhh...  That's the Oak tree!  Apparently our middle of the yard concepts were a little off.  I'll know for next though.    

The best part of this story is this.  

This isn't the first time I've almost caught their house on fire!

The first time was from inside the house!

Another story for another day.  

Yes, somedays I do amaze my own self.  

Maybe someday I'll tell you about the day I ran over their dog...


Anonymous said...

Best part about this is that Christopher learned that yes, fire is dangerous, not just something to keep you warm inside the wood stove. :) See, you are such a good teacher!

Lindsey said...

I'm a hands on learner myself. Goes to prove I'm just as much a hands on type teacher. :) Why didn't we take a picture of Christopher trying to beat the fire while trying to protect his face from getting burnt?

Lucy said...

You crack me up.

Lindsey said...

I've been meaning to take a picture of the burnt yard but haven't done it yet. Hopefully I can get one tomorrow. Somedays I question how I have not injured myself!

Anonymous said...

Once again I say--should you be left alone, ever?

Lindsey said...

Probably not.