Thursday, November 5, 2009

Recent drive

Since my nephew was little I have called him Booger Butt. Sometimes it comes out as Booger Roo. I use to love saying that to him on the phone when he was with my mom. I could hear him put the phone down and laughingly say, "Nana, she called me booger butt." He and Nana would laugh about it and then he could carry on the conversation with me. Now, he knows exactly who he's talking to when I say, "Hey Booger butt whatcha doin'?" Yes, perhaps it's not the prettiest name but it makes him giggle. Which makes me smile.

On the drive home from church this past Wednesday I was on the phone with Ty. The conversation started as all do with him by calling him Booger Butt. I was riding with my dear friend and her 4 kiddos. They are great. However, using the word butt is not appropriate for their ears. As a whole I do try to stick with that but I didn't think much about it because it's what I always call my nephew. When I got off the phone they began to ask why I called him that so I explained it to them. Then one of their kiddos begins to tell me about a floor matt they saw in a magazine the other day. She thought I would have liked it. Her mom, my dear friend rolled her eyes because she knew what matt she was talking about. I asked what it said... Then I almost fell out of my seat in the car from laughter. Below you will find what the matt said. Now that's just funny to me!


Lucy said...

I love it! They must've seen it at Cracker Barrel where most things like that tend to originate.

down by the river said...

Not sure what magazine they saw that in. Penny was disgusted by it but she kept picturing in her mind a literal butt being buttered. To which I agree that is disgusting. However, using it as a figure of speech cracks me up!