Friday, September 25, 2009

Another day...

Continuing from yesterday...

I thought of a verse for The Gambler that was left out.

Know when to hold'em
know when to fold'em
know when to walk away
know when to run

know when to laugh
know when to speak
know when to smack them
right in the mouth...

"smack'em in the mouth" is a favorite phrased used by one of the cooks that works with us during the summer time. I know, I know... But don't I work at a Christian camp? Yes, I do! That's the beauty of it. We do all love the Lord dearly but we also love to laugh and have fun too. Consequently sometimes we say silly things like "smack'em in the mouth."

Speaking of laughing, speaking and smack'em in the mouth. That makes me think of one of my all time favorite actors. Tyler Perry. I needed a good laugh tonight so I looked up some of his stuff on youtube. HILARIOUS!

The first clip is a phrase I think of often... Jesus just saved yo life. Oh the things I would do and say if it were not for my Jesus. I do and say enough with him in my life. I'd be in trouble without him.

The second clip made me laugh so hard I cried the first time I ever saw it. I think I might have wet myself a little I was laughing so hard. "They don't know me... I'm old school. I will beat them and ask questions later!" That's just funny.

The third clip is one for my mom. It is her personal favorite!

The thing about TV shows and movies is our ability to relate to characters. I think that's what draws me to Madea is she laughs, she speaks, and she smack'ems in the mouth! Cracks me up! But of course what is okay for entertainment value is not always deemed to be appropriate in the real world.

I do hope you enjoy and get a good laugh out of these!

Before you think my video choice is completely trash check out this next link.

Sorry, but it wouldn't let me post the video on here. It's really a good song. And a reminder that we do have a Father who listens intently to our hearts. He is not distant even in difficult times.

*Disclaimer: the Bible does not condone smacking people in the mouth. Unless you were my mom growing up. :) Haha! I do apologize if you find these clips offensive. But they do make me laugh out loud. And I still love Jesus while I'm laughing at this stuff!

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