Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Made it

Quick update here.

My niece, Ainsley Grace is...


Seriously, she's amazingly cute.  She came right to me last night.  

My dad...  

Has no facial hair!  Freaked me out a bit.  I walk into the house and I said, "Uh, what happened?" He just laughed and I proceeded to ask why no one told me he'd shaved?  Seriously was a little disturbing for me.  I've never seen his top lip before.  For the anniversary last week they went to an Eagle's concert.  Which is a group they went to a concert and saw before they were even married.  Daddy said he was clean shavin' then so he thought he'd go back to that for the day.  Romantic remembrance for them but a little disturbing for his 26 year old daughter.  He is growing it back out so it's got stubble.  

Of course round 1 of mexican food was great last night.  I think I'm going to have some for breakfast today!  :)  

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Anonymous said...

that makes me laugh about your dad shaving his mustache (SP?)....I remember when my dad did this.....I found it disturbing as well. I haved enjoyed reading about you. Please tell your family hello. I always enjoyed them when they came into Pizza Plus :) Natalie