Saturday, February 2, 2008

Water is Dangerous!

I'm not sure why they don't make more things in this world waterproof!  Here's what happened. 

As I'm trying to sit down to use the restroom I feel my cellphone begin to slip out of my pocket.  It all happened so fast I had no chance to rescue or stop anything.  Then all I can remember was standing over the toilet seeing my CELLPHONE at the bottom!  I reach in to grab it and it starts flashing colors at me saying low battery then it vibrates for a moment and well, it seems it's gone on to greener pastures now.  

I rush in to explain to my friends what had just occurred and after laughing they suggested I take the battery off and open the phone so it'll dry out and hopefully by tomorrow I can at least get my #'s out of it.  I think my mom's number is about the only one I know from memory.  So if you don't hear from me for a few days now you'll know why.  

I'd like to say this is the first phone I've lost to the water killer.  A couple of years ago when I had just gotten my dog Gracie.  I was going to put water in her bowl.  As I was placing it back down on the ground the phone jumped out of my hand and into her bowl!  

Here's the great part!  Two days ago I ordered my new every two year phone from Verizon.  By Tuesday I should have my new phone in my hands.  Wait it gets better.  I debated between a couple of different phones, all that I could get for free.  Finally I decided against what was cute and fashionable for one that hopefully I can't break.  They call this a ruggedized phone.  It can be submerged in water for up to 30 minutes and still be totally fine!  SWEET!  

After Tuesday bring on the toilets and dog bowls.  You can also drop kick it or throw it and do all sorts of stuff and it won't break.  It's apparently been military tested.  Which is great because the phone after the water bowl phone was broken because something about repeatedly dropping the phone simply is not good for it.  Even if it is an accident every time.  

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