Thursday, February 7, 2008

Apartment happenins...

The apartment is still going well.  My preacher and I think his brother came this evening and did some mudding on the sheet rock.  The shower was put in and the plumbing was done.  I think they got most of the lighting for the bathroom finished today.

I'm going to town tomorrow to try and pick out what colors I want.  Mike has a 5 gallon bucket of a white/gray that he said I could just buy a color and mix with that.  So I've got to somehow figure out what color I want.  Get something WAY darker than that and mix it when I get home.  :)  should turn out great!  Here's hoping anyways.  If the color isn't that great than I'll have a good laugh every time I walk in.  

They have to go pick up the front door at some point too.  Mike says 2 weeks and it'll be done.  I'm not so sure but it won't be much long after that!  

I'm so excited!  A place where bugs don't invade.  Rain can't come in.  The structure is solid and I'll have a kitchen!!  Woo-Hoo!!  

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