Thursday, February 7, 2008

Please pray

I'm sure some of you will know the feeling I'm talking about.  It's that feeling you get in the pit of your stomach that you have no idea what's going on but you know that something is happening.  Well, I've had that one for a little while.  It's stressed me out a great bit.  I talked to a dear friend of mine last night and God spoke through her so clearly.  

She reminded me that growth isn't an easy thing.  In the same way children go through physical pains as they grow, our spiritual growth creates those same pains.  I knew that but I guess had just forgotten that great Truth.  She also discussed with me a little bit about birthing pains.  No not the descriptiveness but how the pain is so fierce but when you see the babies face, some how you can forget the pain.  Apparently, there's something about seeing the product of the pain that washes away the hurt.  She encouraged me that God is in the midst of birthing something from me and that I could not give up on it yet.

God is at work.  I just have no clue what He's doing.  I'm trying my best to be OK with that.  :)  I kind of like to know what's going on and go into panic attacks when I don't.  God's teaching me trust.  His kind of trust.  The trust that says whether I see it or understand it, I'm going to trust.

In March I will be going to a conference about Biblical counseling.  This is a new passion God has placed in my heart.  I'd been praying about trying to get into some training but of course wasn't sure how I'd pay for it.  About a month later someone from up here let me know that they were going to sponsor me monthly for the next year.  BINGO!  God placed the desire, then provided the finances.  Please pray for that conference.  I have no clue what God wants to do with that training but I see so many people through my job that need the right kind of counseling.  Not the kind that manipulates you.  The kind that points you back to the cross.  That's what the training is all about.  You can check it out if you have time at It's some great stuff. I've read a couple books so far and they're slammed full of scriptures! That's my heart. To help show people the way to peace through God's word.

With this new passion and endeavor I believe the Enemy is working hard to stop it.  So i must be on the right path!  I'm so excited about the place God is providing for me to move into soon.  And I'm equally excited about the new opportunities to learn more about biblical counseling that are coming.  God is at work!  Pray that my eyes not lose focus until His work is finished in me...

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