Saturday, February 2, 2008

Sheet Rock is UP!

The sheet rocking started this morning about 8:45 am and my boss was the last one to leave at 6pm tonight!  He's the best!  My boss and a group of men from a local church were able to begin and complete the sheet rocking in one day!  YAY!!  Rumor has it that my pastor and his wife are coming to help with mudding at paint.  They have done a lot of rental properties and things of that nature and have developed a system of mudding that they never even have to sand.  

The bathroom door and kitchen area.  They put up walls so no more room w/ a view for the potty room.  (You should check out my story below for a good bathroom story)

The living room area (that's the cool tool they use to put it on the ceiling.)

Spare bedroom/ sitting area

My bedroom area

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The Sharpe's said...

Hey girl! I also wanted to leave my blog on here too, but your apartment seems to be coming along rather quickly, that's SO exciting!!!! :0)