Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Preacher man

Just got back from lunch to find my preacher downstairs slapping mud on the walls!  YEAH!!

At church on Sunday I was walking through the fellowship hall and there was a group of men.  Several of whom have been working on my apartment.  They were all giving the preacher a heard time because he is the mud man.  Yet has been busy with other things lately.  They were telling him things would get done much quicker if the mud man would show up for work!  As I'm walking by one of them hollers at me to come tell the mud man he better get to work.  I just looked over and said I'm not worried I've got people for that.  

So, when I just went down there to say Hi to him.  He made the comment that my people were putting some pressure on him see he thought he better show up!  :)  

I'd take pictures but you'd just be looking at sheet rock w/ mud on it.  Nothing too exciting.  But there's progress.

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