Saturday, December 10, 2011

Take a minute for this one.

Please Read THIS!

It expresses so much.  Granted, I didn't leave for foreign soil.  The year 2004 I left for a foreign land in Tennessee.  Leaving friends, family, and a stable life.  I came to a place where I lived on someone's futon for 8 months while working as an unpaid volunteer with a college degree.  The year 2011 has brought much of the same change.  Again, I have left a place of friends that seem like family, a home, and a stable life.  Moved to a place where a friend of a friend had a spare bedroom I could use for the time.  Attempting to connect with college students with the hope of being able to disciple as Matthew 28:19 talks about.

This is not about me and what I have gained or lost.  It's not about the struggles or even the blessings of the Lord.  It's about living for Christ and desiring to be obedient in this life, that is fleeting, more than comfortable.  The Lord allows opportunities for all of us to live out obediently.  The question is do we even know enough of Him to truly know what He is asking of us?  My life has been marked with things that yours might not be at all.  I assure though it can be marked with Christ if you are willing to let go of your own life and follow the Lord.  Unfortunately, you can't follow Him in little bits and pieces.  You'll miss the whole picture of who He is and what He is desiring to do to bring Himself glory!

Enough from me for now!  Go read the other link posted above.  

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Lucy said...

Thanks for the update. We've been thinking about you.