Monday, February 6, 2012

IN Christ

The Stupendous Reality of Being IN Christ!   <----  Go read that article.


Penny said...

That's a good article, Lindsey-Lu. Thanks for posting it. I printed it to share with S.

Lindsey said...

I thought it was simplistically powerful as well. I think being in Christ has more power then I've ever even realized. Please let S know it is not her striving nor her works nor her anything that allows Christ to dwell within her. It is all based upon His grace alone. She need only be ready to receive such a gift that she is utterly unworthy to receive because of her sin. Tell her she need not search Him out for what He can do for her, but to search the Word merely for who God is. She will find rest there as His word becomes more real and as her sin becomes more exposed. As her sin is exposed the reality of how powerful His grace is to forgive such a thing brings a humility that nothing on this earth can bring. Which in turn brings about a love for Christ which is unlike anything she will ever experience.